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Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

I am bone on bone right knee, last cortisone injection was Oct 2018, doctor says no more injections, time for surgery, wanted to do it before last Christmas but I have been trying to put it off until the end of September, been very busy this year. (family issues, etc) Now I have started  downsizing and I will be moving to a smaller place, one level, no stairs. Been so busy, packing up stuff to move and giving away some things, babysitting my 3 yr old grandson (Mr. Busy) so at night when I go to bed my knee hurts alot. So my question is how long did you put off getting your knee replacement ? Did you have any residual problems because you waited  to get it done? I do have an appointment with the surgeon in August so I hope no addtional damage has been done.  That night pain can be very excrutiating as I'm sure some of you already know. 

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

@Goodie2shoes  I am sure you will receive replies.  My suggestion is ice the knee.  Use an ice pack or ice cubes in plastic bag.  I have had hip surgery but not knee but wanted to throw in my 2 cents.  Good luck to you.

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement





Yes, indeed I waited too long, and I paid and continue to pay.


I too was bone on bone, for years.  Kept limping along.  I was busy, coping, had stuff to do, places to go, the steroid shots worked a bit, blah, blah, blah.


Woke up early one AM @3:00  in extreme pain, fuzzy thinking, dizzy, fever.  Admitted to the Emergency Room, carried in my DH's arms, temperature of 105.  I was septic from infection in knee.  Emergency surgery scheduled for midnight the next night.  I was not aware of anything around me until @ 14 hours later. 


Too much concern regarding infection and damage to chance a replacement, just removed damaged parts, put in a drain. Two weeks in ICU looking for the right antibiotic to clear the raging infection.  Six additional weeks in bed with IV pain medication + antibiotics.  I thought I was in pain prior to infection, that was nothing, nothing, this pain was exquisite.


*** Note, this infection came from no where as far as I knew, walking, climbing stairs, working the day before, no fever, nothing, then BANG, next day, all heck broke loose.


Eight months later, Eight months, unable to bear weight on that knee, total wheelchair, I was finally deemed eligible for knee replacement.  


Six years later, I had a second TKN, same knee.  The knee has never been satisfactory due to the amount of damage done walking on it, the damage of the infection, and the wait with no prosthetics.


I urge you, no matter what you are doing that you think is so important, it is not, in the over all scheme of things, it just isn't.


Perhaps my case is extreme, I do have RA and have had it since age 17.  But, please do think about it before you maybe do serious damage.  Not saying what happened to me will happen to you or anyone else, but I wish I had know, or thought about it.


Sorry, for the abrupt note, it's late and I have an early morning appointment.


I waited, wish I had not.





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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

I had both knees replaced at the same time.  It was easy and I’ve never regretted it at all.


I went directly to rehab right after the operation.  I was in rehab for about 2 weeks.  Then I stayed with my oldest daughter and her family.


I could have gone home after the 2 weeks but my daughter  wanted me to rest more.


I’m on my IPad right now.  I will tell you more about it tomorrow when I get on my laptop.  This thing is too slow.


Send me a smiley so I can come back here tomorrow.


Take care.

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

@Drythe:  wow ! so sorry you had to go through all of that !.  That's kind of scarry!  I will definitely be seeing the Ortho next month. I have a lot of help with moving so once I get settled I will be moving forward with surgery.  Thanks for your input  

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

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I suffered with knee pain 13 years before I had surgery.   My issues started in my mid 40’s, at a time when knee replacements weren’t done on patients under the age of 60.   I survived on different NSAIDS for years, even tried an arthritis medication, cortisone shots, and Synvisc joint fluid, which came far too late to fix my bone on bone.   


By Spring 2011, I was miserable and the pain was no longer relieved with the maximum daily dose of prescription Motrin.   I saw an ortho surgeon and had Synvisc injections, which did not help at all, but had to be done to show my insurance I had tried every alternative.    


I followed up with my ortho surgeon on Halloween and scheduled my surgery after New Years.   By that point everyone could see I was totally miserable from the pain.   My doctor suggested 50 mg Tramadol 2x a day for relief, which helped get me to a better place mentally and physically before surgery.   At that point, the constant throbbing, aching and tightness in my knee made sleeping a nightmare.   I am a belly sleeper, and my knee had to be bent to a certain angle for me to sleep even a few hours.   My surgery and recovery went well and was a good experience.   As soon as I opened my eyes I could tell that tension in my knee was gone!   


My knee was as worn out as many my surgeon had seen, but my 13 year wait had no bearing on my recovery.   I had the other knee done in 2017.   Best wishes to you!



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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

My orthopedic surgeon told me that I should have my knee replaced when I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and that I wouldn’t damage the outcome by waiting.  It was when I was crying at night because of the pain that I scheduled the surgery date.  I had the second knee done about eight years later.



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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

This is such good information, because down the road, I think it's in my future.  I've had the gel in both knees now.  Now and then, it hurts again.  But not like it was.  I was wondering how long a doctor would let you go before a surgery should take place, I know they try to do all they can before surgery.

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

For years my knees hurt but I thought I was just getting old.  One day I woke up and it felt like I had pulled something in my sleep.  When it didn't go away I made an appointment with the Ortho thinking I would get a cortisone shot.  He said to me "Where have you been for the last 10 years?"  He couldn't give me a shot and I had to have surgery on both knees.  The surgeon would not do both at the same time so I did them 9 months apart.  I have a house with 4 floors....lots of steps.  The surgery was the best thing I ever did.


Just a tip....follow all their advice. Especially the physical therapist.  If you don't do the exercises you are only hurting yoursel.  Good Luck!

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Re: Question for Those who have had a knee replacement

I thought I'd give you my 2 cents worth. Remember always follow your Dr. advice. 

TKA total knee arthroscopy or total knee replacement, is very serious surgery to undertake only as last option. 

Physical therapy and injections can help but when all else fails and your knee gets in the way of a fulfilling life then go for it.

I had my surgery this May. The weeks following I thought I'd made HUGE mistake. Pain for me was the worst cause I can't take the usual codeine or morphin dirivatives. My poor husband got a work out. The only thing I could do was use the bathroom by myself.

By week 3 that #10 pain level had subsided. Here I am just 2 mo post surgery and I already forget that I even had surgery.

Prepare yourself and your household.

Remove throw rugs to avoid tripping. Get a walker. This will help to give stablilty. Establish a way to always have an icepack in the freezer. I had several. Ice is a huge help to reduce swelling. The professionals will give you step by step things to do for self help.

Most important for me was to keep moving that joint. Everyone's pain is different. Everyon'e surgery is different.

I've read some of the other posts. The 1 with the infection? Might of been due to her RA. Otherwise you can wait as long as needed. Remember they totally remove the old joing and give you a Bionic knee replacement so there is no such thing as waiting too long. Wish you happy and healthy life.