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Re: Punctal plug in . Now eye tears all day. Grrrrrrrrrrr

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Dry Eye can be caused by a myriad of reasons, probably why it's impossible to cure. Hormones, environment, Accutane, Lasik/cataract surgery, Sjogren's, chemical burns (this is what happened to me), blepharitis, computer/device use with lowered blinking rates, eye makeup use, and diet can all play a major roll in its development.


I had asked about plugs, but my doctor wanted to start me on Restasis to get a handle on the inflammation. (I had been on Xiidra for 2 months prior, with no improvement.) It only works in about 15% of patients. I've been on it for 5 months and I must be one of the fortunate ones, I do have a bit of increased tear production.  This is but one of the MANY things I have to do now to manage my condition.


I think the eyes do adjust to the plugs and regulates the excess tearing after awhile.

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