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Re: Procedures for Lumpectomy

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I am wondering if it has to do with the hospital and their individual protocols.  It is not breast cancer I am talking about, but I know a man that had melanoma on his head, and there was no pathologist in the O.R.  He was kept at the hopsital all day, and brought back to the O.R several times until they got clean margins.  It was a ridiculous way to handle things for this man.  Conversely, I had malignant lesion removed from my face, nothing as serious as this man was dealing with, and there was a pathologist in the O.R.  Frozen sections were done at the time as well.  The man was at a Kaiser hospital, while I was at a different hospital.  I was also under a general anesthesia while the man was under local anesthesia.  I have always wondered why our care was so different.

I was wondering the same thing @GraceLady.  Maybe it's the hospital's policy. 

OMG, this is not a ridiculous procedure!  This is a highly specialized surgery known as Moh's procedure or surgery.  This is usually done on the head and face to avoid taking more tissue than necessary and avoid disfigurement.  I have had it done on my shoulder for melanoma and on my face for basal cell skin cancer.  Thank goodness this is able to be done!


I have also had a lumpectomy and then a partial mastectomy after breast cancer surgery when margins were found not to be clean.  While it was inconvenient going in for a second surgery, I was very pleased to know all the cancer had finally been removed.