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I just had the Prevnar 13 injection on Tuesday of this week.  As always with injections I had alot of swelling at the site but even more this time.  Now for the last 2 days I have been getting jaw pain on my right side.  I called my pharmacy but they have never heard of this reaction after the Prevnar shot. but couldn't be ruled out.  They said to call my doctor where I had it done.  Has anyone had any bad reactions to it? 



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@Pasta Lover


Raising my hand...I had a really severe reaction to either prevnar 13 or flu shot (or the combination of both) last year.

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Three weeks ago I had this vaccine along with the new Shingrix. One in each arm.  I had some localized redness and soreness in my arms but nothing other than that.

I hope you feel better.