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"Jersey girls don'tpump gas" as the saying goes!--thankfully!................marynj

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you can touch things... just do not touch your face.  use sanitizer or such after you do


( that is if you find any......)

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so i discovered at checkout yesterday, that you can't complete a sale without touching the pin pad.  

i was equipped with a plastic baggie so i could put in my pin number,without actually touching the pad,  but the step before that, is the cash back question.

you have to touch the littlle screen.  solution!!!

i'm putting a stylus in my purse.  i'm hoping that will solve the problem.

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We can't be in such a panic over having to touch every little thing.  The only thing we can do is keep washing hands and don't touch your face and possibly use hand sanitizer.  There is only so much we can actually do to help protect ourselves and others from it and going out when absolutely necessary and following the advice of medical professionals is the best we can do.

It is good to see that those who vehemently stated they were not going to change their lives and were going to keep traveling and having fun and treated the threat so lightly by saying it was no worse than the flu  are now silent and have hopefully had their eyes opened by all the mandatory closures! 

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If you get money from the bank dont forget to wash and  disinfect  it.who knows how many hands it touched.

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Wear disposable gloves wherever you go.  Before getting back in your vehicle, take them off and put in a bag until you get home.

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I can't wear gloves because my hands are deformed. So I carry plastic baggies and put them on when I need to touch something then I toss them away. 

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Thanks for that idea @kittyloo   I have a boatload of plastic ziploc lunch baggies that I never use since I retired almost 2 years ago.

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@grandma r wrote:

Wear disposable gloves wherever you go.  Before getting back in your vehicle, take them off and put in a bag until you get home.

I have been doing this all winter,plus i hate touching the gas pump handles.

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@FlowerBear wrote:

What about the canisters in the drive thru bank?


Gas pumps? 


Credit card  touch pads?


Pens -everyone uses when you get a prescription. 


I heard on the local news that many places will not accept cash now! What if people dont have credit cards?








I wear disposable thin latex  gloves for touch pads. I never use the sign in en. I bring my own. I use a small plastic grocery bage over the gas pump. The canisters are a problem. I use sanitizer before and after using them and I use hand wipes for my cards after the transactions.