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Re: Pill

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We have a local pharmacy that takes a patient's medications, vitamins, etc. and packages them in bubble-wrap or small baggies labeled with date and time meds are to be taken.   They are catering primarily to Assisted Living and Skilled Care facilities in the community. Mom's RX were all provided in this manner during her years in Assisted Living and Skilled Care prior to her death last summer.


When Mom moved into Independent Living (her choice), she was able to manage her own meds without any problem. Years later, I suspected dementia and began placing her meds in the daily pill container for each week. I also had her tested immediately thereafter.  


When we moved her into Assisted Living, it was SOP to have her meds pre-packaged by the pharmacy to avoid any confusion. This policy ensured the physician, the AL facility and our family were all working together following each visit to any medical office. Changes were made easily and efficiently. 


I'm unsure how an on-line system would work with changes during the month. It was so convenient having a local pharmacy handle mom's (and all other patient's) medications for the entire Assisted Living facility; and then the Skilled Care Community when we had to move her the final time. 


ETA: The pharmacy accepted the Part D Plan for RX and simply charged anything else her account. A final bill was sent at the end of the month. Very convenient and easy to compare with Medicare's statement. 

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When I saw the commercial for it, my first thought was I wouldn't trust them to make sure the correct pills and dosages were in the little packs.