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Periogen instead of Oraparx?

My dentist recommended I get a Water Pik. While I was checking out models on amazon, I saw it paired with Periogen and read further. Like Oraparx, this is a baking soda based product intended to go below the gum line to dissolve plaque. Its getting good reviews overall so I ordered some and will report back. If anyone else is missing Oraparx (which went out of business) this might be one to try. Here's what is says on amazon

  • World's first and only home use product that can eliminate dental tartar
  • Recommended by Dr. Paul Keyes, Former Dental Director, National Institute of Health
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee, including shipping, if not completely satisfied
  • Rinse with Periogen and keep your teeth "Hygienist-Clean"
  • Periogen is safe, tested, and effective