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Patient dropped for "non-compliance" Anyone else?

Has anybody else ever been dropped by a doctor for "non-compliance"? I missed two appointments (apparently) and was told I was only allowed to miss a total of three appointments EVER (new rule to me) by my doctor of 30 years. I explained I have had surgery and a now a secondary infection has set in when I was cancelling... the quite snippy receptionist clobbered me over the head continually repeating "you must come to the appointment on the 28th (today) or you will be dropped as a patient. Do you understand?" I went today and was told that I have already been dropped and was no longer a patient at this practice." My feelings are hurt, more than anything...{#emotions_dlg.wub} Is dropping a patient becoming more common? Migraines, which I am seen by this neurologist for, are a pain to manage, but after 30 years I would have thought there would have been more empathy from him. I feel like I have been slapped in the face. (?)

I have been a dedicated, good patient all through these years, too, until I got very sick two years ago with a sinus infection that has not been resolved until (hopefully) now.

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