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I understand why it's upsetting, I can't imagine.  I've always joked (not in a ha! ha! way, but sarcastic way) I can't imagine going to one of my Drs and telling him or her, "I need this or that medicine".


In the first place I wouldn't even know how to pronounce some of the stuff I see on TV.  Back when I was in college (took classes for fun), I wrote for the school newspaper.


One of the articles I wrote (I've mentioned this here before) was how you could tell the target audience because of the commercials.  I remember specifically talking about during the day (and game shows) the target audience seems to be old(er) people (i.e. medications and things for 'easier' living).


You don't see many hot car commercials in the middle of the day.  Ha!  Hey!  Grandma's like some hot cars too!


Anyway, (as usual) I'm off topic.  But I was thinking that this might (I'm guessing here) help some people identify a medical problem it seems like most aren't aware of, well, I wasn't.


Again, I can certainly understand why it is upsetting for people.

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The way I look at it as Knowledge is Power. The more we know the more we can understand our loved ones. No, I never associated hallucinations with Parkinson's until this commercial.

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My dear brother has Parkinson's disease and does not suffer from mental problems or hallucinations.  In fact, he's the same happy go lucky, upbeat guy he's always been.  He always has a positive attitude.  I haven't seen the commercial you speak of and am not sure I would watch it.


My husband's dear uncle had it for many years and died from complications of the disease.  He always had the best penmanship, almost like calligraphy, and the Parkinson's ruined his beautiful writings in a short period of time.

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Re: Parkinson's Disease

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My dad passed from Lewy Body Syndrome  which is an aggressive form of dementia coupled with Parkinson's.


One day I told my dad I'd be down with his new health insurance form and would pickup his dinner.


Well, 45 minutes later when I went into his house, I found him standing mid-staircase holding onto the wall,nun able to walk, and crying.  What transformed him from being independent, make his own meals, grocery shop, drive his car into this in only 45 mins.????  He seemed to be seeing spiders crawling all over everything but ate and went to bed.


Driving home that night, I felt something wasn't quite right. Then I remembered seeing all those flyswatters around: hallucinations.   Next morning I called the ambulance.  Within 6 weeks he was gone.



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I was not aware of it, till I saw a commercial a few weeks ago that said something about it. I have often thought how horrible it must be to hear and see things that the people around you could not.

Is this something new the drs have recently figured out?


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I wasn't aware of hallucinations with Parkinson's either.  I'm sure people who have Parkinsons and the families know about it but not the general public.  It's good that there's now a medication for it.

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Re: Parkinson's Disease

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My sister suffers from Parkinson's disease and yes, she also gets depressed and anxious, who wouldn't with this disease!  When the Dr. was trying her on some different medications, it caused her to have hallucinations, but since she stopped that, she has not had that problem.  Her biggest problem is shaking and being dizzy a lot, and not being able to stand without her walker.  All diseases do not affect everyone in the same way!

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Hi @annabellethecat


I didn't know about the hallucinations with Parkinson's either.  That's very scary, I wonder how common that is.

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My sister was diagnosed at 50 with this debilitating disease, she is now 65. The last 2-3 years she has suffered with hallucinations, from people moving her house with her inside, people living inside her furniture to people using poison gas to kill her.  We had no knowledge this was part of the disease so were completely blind-sided. Any new medication is extremely expensive even if it can be found. Not everyone with Parkinson's thankfully develops this particular problem. My heart truly goes out to anyone touched by this disease.

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I'm so sorry your sister, and by extension her family, has to suffer through this terrible disease and the hallucinations.