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Hi John,

I can relate to this post as I was on Vioxx, and later Celebrex for about as long. Before knowing how horrible a drug Vioxx was, didn't you find it about the best thing ever for your pain and suffering?

I had no idea for sure,  as I trusted my physicians. It was one of the best non-narc meds I have ever taken. Life became "heck" without it. Then comes Celebrex, and I was on it for a long time. They took it away last year. Seems like you knew long before my doctor did. So, for years I was on Topamax and I just had to come off of it. My neurologist (of all people !)

told me I should not have ever been put on it by my other physicians because I am in third stage renal failure, and it is known to cause kidney stones.( No one in my family has ever had stones.) Guess what John, I now have a stone in my kidney...induced by Topamax long- term. I also have  a completely blocked artery less than 1/2 inch from my widowmaker. They couldn't put a stent in,  as they had none the correct size. So now I'm a walking heart attack. Oh, my doctor never told me I was even in kidney failure until I reached 3rd stage.So it wasn't charted. I fear what medicines I took from stage one to three because no one knew.


It's great, isn't it John ? They take the good ones away because they are BAD, after the fact. Now, we are too damamged to get proper, decent, helpful medicines?


Well, I suppose I should be glad that our "guinea pig" work has and will continue to keep others from needless pain and suffering. 


I wouldn't wish my problems on anyone ! But I'm good, and I'm blessed ! I'm waking up above ground and taking a breath first thing every morning ! Praise God !


It's a great day !


(Hope Cindy is doing well. Haven't heard about her since the "old" days before this change. )


Have a good day !



My best to you and the "babies" !