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How are you my dear? I hope that I am not imposing on you too much. But I have another question for you. How do I go about finding a doctor to treat me for my hypothyroidism based on my symptoms? I have nagging things still going on, despite being on Armour Thryoid for 10 months. These things are: severely dry skin on my hands, back of arms, and bottoms of my feet. Inability to loose weight- I lost about 10 pounds back in May/June and none since. Fluid retention in my legs. Plantar Fascititis. Eyebrow loss. Tiredness. I have cold feet and hands, mostly year around. I can be moody. I find it hard to concentrate.

I think that I have lost faith that this doctor I am going to will ever be able to help me. He wanted me to go on his weight management program that he sells when I tried to discuss the weight with him. Do you have any ideas about how I could find a new doctor? I will be watching my new grand daughter in late January and need to feel better.