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Omg--I looked at my previous message from many weeks ago--I see the ?????? In that message as well!!! Lol. You both were probably wondering what that meant (hmmmm, is she or isn't she asking a question) hahahaha.
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Hi Ladies!!!!! Just wanted to wish you both a happy memorial weekend!!!!!!! The weather has been so beautiful here the last two days!!! Hope you are enjoying it as well!!!! And congratulations to Joe!!!!!!!!!!! Friday was his last day of employment!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Well it's super late for me so I'm going to sign off and get some zzzzs!! Hope you both are doing well!! :-). Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!! :-)
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Hi Cookie and LooPY!!!!

It feels like FOREVER since we've posted to each other--what's up with that? No, really, sorry I haven't been around----been busy with my hubby's 60th birthday and his retirement--and dealing with my brother and his divorce--among the usual stuff that life throws at us. Oh, and by the way, had to change my nickname to GraciesMommy since whatever changed on this website wouldn't let me use GraciesMom anymore.

Yes, my hubby is now RETIRED as of four days ago--WOOHOO!!!!!!! It still hasn't sunk in.We had a nice weekend with a friend who visited for a few days--took us out for TWO wonderful dinners--and gave Joe a generous retirement gift. I can't explain how terrific all of Joe's friends and co-workers have been--he was given a party last Thursday night and a celebration at work on his last day which was Friday. He's received so many gifts, cards, texts and Facebook messages--it was overwhelming---he even received an Edible Arrangements basket onSaturday (yummy!). All we did on his 60th birthday was go out for dinner--and I gave him an amazon gift card. Unfortunately, his first day of retirement and he had a dentist appointment--he chipped his front tooth implant and now that has to be fixed--can't go through more than a couple of days without drama!

Joe decided to take the summer to rest and relax before starting to fix up our house. His lower back and leg have been bothering him for months--hopefully they will heal now that he has a chance to rest--and sleep as late as he wants.

Oh, LooPY, that story about your hubby being attacked by a seagull was priceless--but I have heard that those birds do act like that--it's a good thing he wasn't injured!

Loved the story about your grandson and the Easter Bunny--how precious is that!!LOL!!!

Cookie--so happy to hear that your Mom is getting along--and is finished with treatment--YAY!! yes, the effects of treatment can last a long time--my radiation has been over for 20 months and I'm still having issues---your Mom will just have to go with the flow, just as I do. Please let us know how her PET scan goes next month--will be praying for her!

So, your brother and SIL have divorced too--that is weird that both of our brothers have been going through this--and the fact they both have two boys--what a coincidence! So sad that your SIL is acting the way she is--and that her actions are adversely affecting your nephews. Thankfully, so far, my SIL isn't acting up, but who knows what will be in the future. My brother finally moved into his own apartment and loves it--but his ex knows that when it comes to their kids, he is at her beck and call and she takes full advantage of that. I wish my brother would find a woman who would appreciate his kind heart. Their boys appear to be doing OK, but my brother just moved out a month ago--he sees his kids every weekend--and when his wife goes on her many "business" trips, he stays at the family house to take care of them--so they see him all of the time. My brother is finally taking some time for himself this week--he's leaving for Vegas in two days and staying away for five--by himself--he loves Vegas--he wants to see some shows, gamble and relax away from everything and everyone. I can respect that, but I do worry that he is alone and so far away from me--you KNOW I will be calling him daily!

Hope you two had a lovely Memorial Day weekend--and that all is well!!!!!

Oh, and Gracie turned 11 years old the same day that Joe turned 60---she is doing well--showing her age a bit, but who isn't?

Post when you can, ladies!!!!!!! Love & Hugs!!!!!!!