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@hckynutjohn  her doctor recommended physical therapy so I will set it up for her. Her daughter lives in NY so I will do what ever I can.

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Re: Osteoarthritis

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Perhaps your aunt needs to have fluid drawn off her knee.  I had to have it done twice early on, followed by a steroid injection, but fluid was not a problem after that.  I did not benefit from steroids or joint fluid.   

My husband has been having fluid drawn off his knee for 4 years.  In the beginning it was as much as 40cc at a time.  My husband is not a candidate for any type of surgery, so the most that can be done for him is to keep the fluid off, and inject a steroid or joint fluid like Synvisc, to try to relieve some of his discomfort.   

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@RedTop  she's my aunt. I am certainly learning a lot. We thought that because she was not in any pain that everything is ok.


She's only one block from me (still think I live in NY) lol. I'll see her tomorrow and explain the plan to her.

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@Kachina624 I'm so sorry, you have been through the mill, for sure. I also get regular blood tests and luckily I can take tylenol and had to absolutely quit NSAIDs a few years ago.


I feel so sorry for all that you are going through, I really do. Times like this I wish I had a magic wand I could share.

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My body doesn't tolerate NSAIDs - Tylenol is about it.


Pain management doc: Tylenol, lidocaine patches, physical therapy, remaining active.  


....  and faithfully doing the prescribed exercises works great for me.


Most of my friends are in the same condition - and all our doctors have prescribed basically the same routine.  


Oh ....  following an anti-inflammatory diet helps.


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Re: Osteoarthritis

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On the arthritis foundation site, it said  Pycnogenol, Sam E, type 2 collegen, might help. And my doctor, knows, and to be careful with taking too much over the counter  meds, they can hurt the kidneys,so i have found that taking  hyaluronic acid ,has helped.

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@goldensrbest  Nothing stopped the OA in my joints which  destroyed both knees and both hips. I tried everything available.  I think it depends on the severity of your OA.  Sometimes an anti inflammatory action of a drug or natural supplements may give enough pain relief to keep you from joint replacement....but as in my case...nothing helped other than surgery.

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No supplement in the world can help you with osteoarthritis.  You are just throwing money away so if that's the course you choose to take, take anything you want.  Depending on the severity of your arthritis, there are modalities an orthopedic physician can recommend to relieve pain and increase function.  My friends husband is doing well after physical therapy.  He does the exersizes times a day at home now.  He also gets cortisone injections every 4 months.  He thought he would need knee replacement surgery but that wasn't the case.  He's pain free and looking forward to playing golf soon.  His 80 year old brother gets injections but is scheduled for a partial knee replacement this month.  I'm have an orthopedic appointment to see if this partial knee replacement would work for my right knee.  I also want the injections again. I haven't had them since before Covid.

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@ALRATIBA  I'm like you, I can't take NSAIDS.  I'm allergic to ibuprofen so I have always only been able to take Tylenol.  Many years ago there was one prescription drug out there that did not have ibuprofen in it I believe it was Dolobid.  I used to take that but they quit making it, so Tylenol, lidocaine patches  is about all I have for my back.  I was able to get the shots and that helped for a bit, but my orthopedist said there really isn't much out there for people allergic to ibuprofen/NSAIDs.  

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My choices have never been just to treat the pain through medication. First, I always want to know the exact cause of that pain. If the pain medications are only to treat the symptoms, which of course, is pain!


That has always made little sense to me. If there is a way to remove the source of the pain, using surgery as an example, that has always and will always, be my very first choice.


Treating a symptom where there is a possible permanent solution, makes little sense to me, for me, and my lifestyle. Pain I can handle, immobility I cannot, unless absolutely necessary to recover from any injury/surgery, or a life/death health issue.


Putting of a procedure or surgery that will likely eliminate the source to me makes no sense. As I told my wife to coax her into getting a TKR. You are now ** years old and healthy. In X number if years you will certainly be older, and possibly less healthy. And the benefit of waiting is????


I have had enough surgeries to eliminate the sources of my pain. A few of them I had the option of continued therapeutics and therapy. Couldn't find a logical reason that made any sense to me, so it was eliminating the source. 


Through those decades I have had surgeries that took me over 18 months to fully recover. Seemed more like years to me than months, but i chose that particular option because all others were, just treating the symptom.


Between my job of over 30 years and my choices of Physical activities, I have Osteoarthritis in many joints of my body. What has always worked the best for me for dealing with these pains were not medications or supplements. It was movement of those joints. The more I moved, the less stiffness and pain were/are my results.


What others choose, when there are options, are of course their choices. The more weight bearing on some specific joints, like the knees, do not get better as the years pass by. Typically, if Osteoarthritis is present, it does not go away over time, by treating symptoms, it just helps ease the pain.


I am wondering why I typed all of this.  Aha!



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