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Really wanted to try the Orthoheel shoes and boots...but so disappointed that they are made in China. Well....maybe we will get that change soon...but for now...I am not helping China anymore....Also disappointed that the shoes/boots mainly are man-made materials. $100-$150. for something other than leather is bad. Those man-made materials do not breathe so how is that good for your feet??? This Co. is promoting health but not using healthy materials and manufacturing...

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If I have to watch that demonstration they do on the leg again, I think I'll go crazy  - or turn the chanel!

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Don't have conditions where you need orthotic shoes? Don't buy them. If you really need what this company specifically provides and couldn't walk without them, you would buy the shoes if they were made by children in Afghanistan. Otherwise, it's all talk.

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Some Orthoheels are made from real leather if that's important to you (it is to me).

All feet are not the same. Orthoheels/bionics are a nice alternative or worthless or anywhere in between. 



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Most of the Orthoheels are sandals - only a few styles are closed in shoes, so air on the feet is not an issue.

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I use the Orthoheel inserts that way you can put them in any shoe.  I did buy a pair of their sneakers last year ($100) but they did not wear well.  I'll just buy the inserts.


As for being made in China, I never looked to see where the inserts are made.  I'm sure they too are made in China.  But, the thing is everything is made in China.  If I waited to find Made in American stuff I wouldn't have anything.