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Opinions on the new Leslie Sansone set?

I recently purchased one of her DVD's -- 5 Day Slim Down. It contains five different 1 mile walks and I love it. I usually choose two different "walks" per day. I've only been "walking" for 2 weeks and I love what it is doing for my body. I see a definite firming up of the thighs, butt and abs. My DH [using his scientific and technical "hands-on" approach] has noticed a difference too {#emotions_dlg.devil2}{#emotions_dlg.wub}. I don't have a lot of weight I want to lose [maybe 5-10lbs]. I'm primarily concerned with firming things up.

I'm thinking about getting her new set which comes with the hand weights. It looks fun and a little more challenging than the set I have. Any thoughts?