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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

@ID2 wrote:

Wow, I find it a real shame that the OP had such a low opinion of herself only weighing in at a mere 150 lbs! That's NOT overweight! I recently lost 70 lbs. and feel that is a real accomplishment. Woman Happy

@ID2, not all pounds are equal.  I'm 5' 2" and I wear a 6/8 and I'm okay with it.  However, I weigh between 138 and 142 depending on the day.  At one point I was up to 150 lb but was still wearing 10's.  Now, if SM is a size 10 at  5'8" and 150 lb, I certainly should not be a size 10 at 5'2" and 150 lb.  But, I don't control my size through diet so much as through weights at the gym.  Some of the difference could also be bone structure, something we have no control over.  But, other than that, it's got to be muscle mass which weighs more per volume than fat.  


I'm sure I could get down to maybe a 4 by drastically modifying my diet too, but I enjoy my food and I inherited my mother's Frauhlein structure, so at 5'2" I'm gonna be thick.  If I were to lose weight, I would really want it to be in my legs and through the shoulders, but that's not how it works.  

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

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I'm glad it has helped you feel better and stay healthy.  I wonder if you would mind saying what brand of colostrum powder you use?


Do you mix it with the almond milk?


I was always a very disciplined and healthy eater, but can fall into a pattern of emotional eating.  I need to get back on track.



@Witchy Woman  I meant to write Collagen powder in my almond milk....sorry for the confusion 

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours



Thank you for this.  I will give it a try.


There are moments during the day when I become mindless about I'm in a trance...and not a good one.  It's just a bad habit I've let myself get in to.


We all deserve to be happy in our bodies, and good for you for having the discipline to get there.  No, it's not the be all end all, but I fully understand how you FEEL!

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

If you are happy, I am happy for you. It's a starvation diet.    It's the most unhealthy way to lose weight imaginable.  You will regain the weight you lost if/when you go back to eating normally.  

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

@Shelbelle wrote:

I am sure there are plenty of us here that would kill to be a size 8/10, myself included!!!


  • Me!  Lol.  I did at freaking out and starving herself at 150lbs.  And then I rembered how my sister thought it was the end of her life when she had to buy size 6 pants and how my younger daughter freaked out when the size 2's in her closet didn't fit after her first baby.  My sister lost her weight by eating grilled chicken, fruit and salads for a month.  My daughter made peace with being a size 4/6 and donated her 0/2 clothes.  


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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

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I thought you posted you suffered from anorexia when young @SeaMaiden . I know that anyone with an eating disorder can end up triggered doing intermittent fasting. I had disordered eating in my youth and was told to immediately stop fasting when I shared it with my PC. In fact, a study was published last week that intermittent fasting was no better for weight loss than calorie counting. 

The issue with fasting is that with severe caloric restriction the body adapts and the metabolic rate a person burns calories changes and not for the better. When a person goes back to eating on a daily basis, they gain significant amounts of weight not proportionate to calories consumed.


BTW, 150 pounds for a 5'8 woman is not overweight. Your BMI was normal.

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

I found out I was "obese" a year ago.  I had ballooned up to 165 and the doctor said I need to weigh between 100 and 135. I'm 5'2. 


I still haven't went on a diet.  I feel good. 🤷‍♀️ No high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.


We bought charity t-shirts for a high school basketball game at work and they needed our sizes in men's t-shirts.  I ordered an XL (44 inch chest).


My co-workers were all shocked. They questioned why I was buying such a big size. They thought I was a no more than a medium.


They said my fat went in all the right places 🤣


Hey, I am an XS in many QVC tops 😉😋


Can I blame QVC for distorting my reality? 😂


Good old vanity sizing ❤️


I'd love to lose some weight but I don't have the willpower to eat once every 2 days.  In fact, I'm sure I'd be passing out if I did that. Sounds scary.


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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours


Congrats on achieving your goal. I also do IF, but go with the 6 hour eating window. I have never starved myself and I'm sure you don't either.

Weight is a personal issue and what works for me, may not work for someone else. All I can say is I am at a healthy weight, run about 70 miles or more a week, training for a marathon and have never felt better. I eat healthy foods and do not feel deprived.

Again, congrats on your achievement. Wishing you continued good health.
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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

@SeaMaiden  I, also, am happy for your weight loss, but like others have said, your method does not seem like a healthful approach.  How can you sustain that kind of diet?


I would not be able to do it.  I get migraines if I don't consume an average of 1100 calories per day.  I eat a variety of foods daily including a lot of fruits, veggies and proteins.  I limit the carbs and sugar.


I understand when you said that you did not feel comfortable at 150lbs.  I was always naturally thin my entire life until my late 50s.  I weighed 88 lbs. when I graduated from high school (5'6" ) and believe me when I say I ate more than a lot of guys.  I love food....always have.  Now, at almost 70, I realize that those days are over, and I have to watch my calories, otherwise, I just don't feel like myself.  I'm currently a size 10 and working towards an 8 where I will be perfectly content.  At this age I don't want to be thin.  I want to be healthy.


May I ask, what does your one meal consist of?

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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours



Congrats on your success!  I don't know how you do it --- only eating one meal every 2 days???  Don't you get hungry??  What about when there is an occasion with family and/or friends -- do you just say --- no -- I'm not eating right now?  I certainly admire your willpower but I don't think I could ever do that.  Plus, I take various medications and I have to eat something with them or I will get sick.  I have been trying to lose some weight since the beginning of the year.  It's very difficult.  As you have written, I have similar situation, as my weight gain has occurred after retiring and covid.  I have lost about 6 pounds and want to lose 10 more but I don't know if I will get there.  I am getting very discouraged.  It's like pulling teeth!  You are very strong and dedicated in your efforts and I give you a lot of credit!!  

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