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Ocular Orbital Bone Pain - Any RNs/MDs on Here?

This is a pain NOT in the eyeball itself, but rather the bone around it.

It really hurts when I roll my eye side to side.

No pain rolling it up/down.

Maybe my imagination, but it looks a bit puffy there. It's straight down from the end of my eyebrow closest to my nose, if that makes sense.

And it's the bony ridge, now where I'd put highlighter just under the brow.

I had dental surgery 2.5 wks ago that included cadaver bone graft. He redid my implants.

But it was on the opposite side (on the upper, tho).

Any ideas? Hate to be a weinie, but I'm taking 400-600 mg ibuprofen every 6 hrs to keep this from REALLY bothering me. I have a lot of arthritis/joint pain on a good day - this is a new pain. ARG!