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Re: No wonder people are addicted to painkillers

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When I had some extensive dental surgery, they told me to take Celebrex. The key was to start it before my surgery, to keep ahead of the pain. No need for narcotics. 


When I had my thyroidectomy, they insisted that my husband fill a script for Oxycodone, before I was released.  INSISTED!  I tossed it in the trash and only took Tylenol for a day or two. 


They hand out this stuff like candy. 

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Re: No wonder people are addicted to painkillers

Good heavens, what the heck was he thinking?  Yes, that is partly why there is an epidemic of addiction.  It's not the main reason although almost all addicts use the "back pain" excuse.  How many pills in the script?  I had some jaw work done years ago and they did prescribe oxycodone (not to be confused with oxycontin) but just for 5 days and it was non refillable.  I took it the first day only because it made me groggy, Tylenol controlled the pain just fine.  Last year, I had knee replacement surgery and my surgeon prescribed 30 days of Oxycodone, I took it the 3 days I was in the hospital but just a few days after I got home.  Motrin along with the Tylenol controlled the pain and I didn't even need that afterthe second week.  Of course, people do feel pain differently and some people are more like to become dependant or addicted on narcotics.  Some people have addictive personalities so they physicians should closely monitor them and make sure the patients are aware of the signs of addiction or dependance.  

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If you need it for something dramatic, you’ll be glad it’s there. Pre surgery I was taking 6 norco and had a fetenal patch. All’s it did was make me sleepy all the time. Now I take 2 norco at night. No withdrawels 

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Everyone should have a list of their meds and their health care proxy on their refrigerator. I use two magnets. I have Crohn's disease and had to make a few 911 calls in the last couple of years. That is the first and only place EMT's and Firefighters look. I cannot tolerate Fentanyl; the hospital where I'm scoped substitutes Demorel. It's very drying and I have Sjogren's syndrome, an illness that causes dry eye, mouth, etc.


Advil could kill me. When it first came out it was a prescription med. My neighbor was in a bad accident and had a back injury. Her doctor gave her oxycodone for only a week because he told her she could get addicted. She switched to Advil and nearly died. She lost most of her stomach and is now on disability.


I have twenty Botox injections in my ****** every three months. My doctor used to give me a script for a week in his office. Now he has a resident write it in the hospital. Doctors in the Boston area are scared. Finally I suggested tramodol and he was much relieved.


There was a harrowing article in the N.Y.Times last wknd about chronic pain patients being denied pain meds due to the opiod crisis. Lots of suicides.


I stopped going to my chronic pain group because we did lose one person and almost lost another.


I'm fortunate that my pain is controlled with other meds; I wouldn't stick around if it wasn't.

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