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Re: Newly Diagnosed Diabetics, I thought of a tool that might help us....

Hi PoodlePet2.  I have been thinking about you and haven't seen many of your posts lately.  I am happy you found something that will make life a little easier living with diabetes.  So far, I don't have a problem but I know many who struggle with what to eat every day.  You are in my prayers.  Hope life gets better for you.

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Re: Newly Diagnosed Diabetics, I thought of a tool that might help us....

Also in our continued daily prayers, dear poodlepet...

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Re: Newly Diagnosed Diabetics, I thought of a tool that might help us....

I was diagnosed accidently 8 years ago Type 2, and thank God I was.  I knew I was about 30lbs overweight and the afternoons I couldn't stay awake but I thought it was because I hit my mid-50's and was getting older.


I was diagnosed with 599 blood sugars the day they discovered it and told me I was close to where Diabetics can go into a Coma.  I was instructed to drink a lot of water and to come into the ER clinic stat.  I did.  They did an A1C and it was 12.   They gave me meds and an appointment with my doctor the same day.  At that time I didn't realize how bad it was.


Long story short, I immediately (scared to death) stopped eating all refined sugars and all white carbs cold turkey.  I reduced my consumption of breads, flour and potatos and when I did have a slice of bread, I had only one and it was Multi-grain.  I cut food out and cut way down on portions.    


My next A1C was three months later and it dropped to 6.3.   I've kept those numbers between 6.3 and 6.7 for all these years.  I also lost 35lbs.  I eventually integrated some potato, the corn, and the things I totally cut out at the time that I could have limied portions.  I do say all this with pride only because it helped save my life.  My doctor was floored I did this and told me so, but fear is a great motivator and this event really scared me.   But mainly I feel wonderful now.  It's worth whatever you have to do to control Diabetes!


I really don't follow "special" recipes.  I eat pretty much what everyone else does, I just limit the portions and some things I just don't eat anymore.  Once in awhile I'll have a pinch of something, or just a small bite, but honestl I don't miss any of the sugar or white carbs.  To me a couple of strawberries taste SO sweet to me it's like candy. Once I couldn't stand whipped cream because it wasn't sweet enough, now I have some Fat-Free on a few strawberries and it tastes so incredibly sweet.


I watch the artifical sweeteners as well and hardly have any and won't touch aspertame.


It's gotten to the point that I no longer miss what I've given up, and that's something incredibly great to look forward to....


Also ask your doctor if they have any kind of Diabetes Class... most doctors do and the class is terrific! 


My best of luck and prayers to you~!  Woman Happy

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