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New Video Chef AJ on Hawaiian Veg Site

sidsmom I give the nod to you for turning me on to Chef AJ, so I hope you see this. This is just a heads up that the Veg Society of HI vsh dot org has her visit posted on their video site. She runs through some quick vegan recipes in her usual entertaining way. I'm always looking for inspiration to cook and eat in a way that benefits the body and that does no harm.

With my slow internet I had to do a 90 minute download to view it but it was worth it. Smiley Happy Bird

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Re: New Video Chef AJ on Hawaiian Veg Site

Thanks for sharing this.Smiley Happy

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Re: New Video Chef AJ on Hawaiian Veg Site

Oh. My. Gosh. I almost jumped out my chair when I saw your 'shout out'!! Words can't describe how happy I am that you 'get' it! Just like sisters!!

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Isn't AJ a HOOT?! WERE you on the call last night with Dr. Kahn? Have you visited her YouTube channel? LOTS of videos by herself and another set of videos called "The Chef & the Dietitian". On her website,, she has recordings of all her calls. Ann & Jane Esselstyn are a delight to listen to...I always learn a lot with those calls. Next week is Michael Greger of, which should be filled to brim w/ info!! Sign up for his email updates!

It's a tight community...definitely a David vs Goliath scenario among the Paleo, 'good fats' crowd, but this way of eating it the way we were intended to eat. I so happy you enjoye Chef AJ & her spirit to pass on the message!!

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Re: New Video Chef AJ on Hawaiian Veg Site

Thank you both for posting important info. I look forward to watching and learning.