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New Points Plus at Weight Watchers

I just went back to Weight Watchers (Lifetime Member), and I really like the new Points Plus plan. You can basically eat all the fruit and vegetables you want (until you are satisfied, not stuffed). You use your Points for the other foods you eat.

The program is easy to follow and still very flexible. My first week back I have eaten homemade chicken and dumplings (my own recipie), Domino's Pizza, homemade chicken enchilladas (my recipie), homemade cookies (my recipie), etc. I am not eating pre-packaged foods or modified recipies, and I have lost about 3 or 4 pounds (weigh in tomorrow).

I am having a lot of success, and it is so nice having fruit as my safety net. Plus, I am obviously eating healthier, since I am using fruits as my "go to" snack. I am also including a healthy portion of vegetables during my main meal of the day (supper - that our family sit-down meal together, so it's big).

If any of you are struggling, I really do encourage you to check out the new Weight Watchers program {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}