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Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

Has anyone any good ideas to calm legs down at night so a person can sleep?! Recently diagnosed with neuropathy..nerve damage probably from Shingles.Really need advice
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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

Oh you poor thing! I occasionally get a siege of restless leg syndrome and it can be agonizing.


I won't give you any advice on how to get rid of it; get in touch with your doctor so you can get rid of this ASAP. It's just horrible and  you have my sympathy.

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

@Irishgirl555 So sorry your going through this, not fun at all.  Do a search on the forums as there are earlier threads to do w/restless legs issues & ideas to help.  When my ferritin levels are low my restless legs go sky high so that might be a possibility for you.  Good luck.

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

I have had this and medications don't work with other medical issues I have.  One thing I do is watch my diet.  If I make a great dessert, I have min before 4 p.m.  I stopped alcohol and sweet foods, especially in the p.m.  I also don't join the ice cream crowd after dinner?  This has helped me a lot.

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

I have a mild case of restless legs.  What works for me is Hylands Restful Legs.  That stuff really works for me.  Available on Amazon.  Hope it helps you.



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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

This was just discussed here recently---I have neuropathy in my fingers, mostly now and then stiffness in my hands from chemo 10 years ago---my feet were like that too ,only that went away after these last 10 years. I did try many of the things for it but nothing worked----there is an old time remedy that was a thing back years ago and that is drinking tonic water before bedtime----had a friend going thru restless legs and he tried it and seemed to work. It's the quanine in tonic water --you don't need alot just a small glass. 

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

On occasion I get nocturnal leg cramps. So I was wondering if it was the same thing as restless leg syndrome. It is not. So this is what I read about restless leg syndrome.


Restless legs syndrome is a neurologic and sleep-related movement disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move in the legs that typically occurs or worsens at rest. It is usually accompanied by abnormal, uncomfortable sensations, known as paresthesias or dysesthesias, that are often likened to crawling, cramping, aching, burning, itching, or prickling deep within the affected areas. Relief is obtained by stretching and massaging the affected muscles, not by walking.

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

Check out magnesium citrate.

'I use it, it helps. Good luck---- it is a really uncomfortable condition to have.

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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked?  My legs, were never comfortable.  They always hurt were restless, especially at night?  My Vitamin D levels were checked and I was extremely deficient.


Two days after taking Vitamin D, I felt like a whole different person.. I never realized how important this vitamin was.  I still have some sleepless leg problem nights, but not often.  

Best of luck to you.  I hope you find some relief.



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Re: Neuropathy/restless leg syndrome! Help!!

For shingles take the supplement L Lysine. I use NOW Foods 1000mg (warning, they are horse pills) and take them multiple times a day until shingles are gone.

For restless leg, take magnesium, preferably at night before bed. I take magnesium oxide, but any magnesium supplement will probably work.

Vitamin B Complex for nerve damage/problems.