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Hope things " Went well".  Tricks I was told and helped a bit.  Cold, cold, cold.  Chill the bottle.  Suck on a lemon.  Suck on an ICECUBE to numb your mouth.  Drink through a straw. that way you miss a lot of your tastebuds.   Still yucky, but less so.

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@aubnwa01 wrote:

The prep my gastro doc had me do for my 2 most recent colonoscopies (I'm on the every 5 year plan) was to dissolve a container of Miralax in a large bottle of sugar free lemon-lime Gatorade & take some Dulcolax.  The test I had in 2006, he had me use GoLytely, which I used the pineapple flavor packet in the big jug of powder & I could only get down about 2/3rds of the big jug, which thankfully was enough, but even chilled in the fridge, I'd drink a glass of the GoLytely & it was all I could do to keep it down.  At least with the Gatorade & Miralax, I can drink it & my tummy doesn't want to bounce it right back out !


    My story is the same!  The GoLightly made me throw up so much and I was so dehydrated, the hospital almost sent me home.  I refused...after going thru that misery - throwing up and cleaning bowels.  

   The most recent colonoscopy...doc let me use the Gatorade trick!  It was so much easier!  Did not taste that bad and went down well...never did get nauseated!!