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Anyone use Supprep for colonoscopy.... Need to take it again and the taste is NASTY.... Tried to mask it with anything - do not want to throw up again. Any suggestions???

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Call your doctors office and ask for an alternative. There are other products which achieve the same unpleasant results. Good luck.

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There is a new alternative but I forgot the name. If you have already bought the Suprep, what I do is each time I drink it, I then gargle with ginger ale. The taste of the soda and the carbonation seem to help me. Try it with coke cola or whatever you like. Good like!

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YES!  I used to do the colonoscopy prep with Dulcolax and a bottle of citrate of magnesia.  It's clear and doesn't taste too bad, especially if you drink it cold.  Now, the prep is different and the last time I had to go through it, I decided I would NOT do it again.  Next time, I'll go back to the Dulcolax and a bottle of citrate of magnesia.  (And I won't tell anyone... except all of you!) Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Nasty Supprep

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The nurse told me not to  try to drink it all at once.  Drink 1/4-1/3, RINSE OUT YOUR MOUTH, and get rid of the taste completely.  Wait 5 minute and repeat. 


It seemed to help big time!

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I had to use that last week for my colonoscopy.  One review I read said to put a splash of ginger ale in it after mixing with water.  The review said that made it bearable.  Unfortunately I read the review right before time to take it and didn't have any ginger ale.

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the last one I had the Dr. gave the option of Mira-Lax mixed with Gatorade and of course Ducolax. You might want to ask the staff. It is not wonderful , but seemed a little easier to down. godd luck

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I must be weird (i know, I know, I know)!  I have no problem drinking the Supprep.  The taste, such as it is, has never been an issue for me.  Had my most recent procedure last August.

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Suck on lime or lemon slices between sips of the Supprep. Also lemon drops after helped. I found Suprep prefereble to other options as you only had to drink 16 oz of the preparation at a time compared to 32 oz of most other options
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Mixed mine with gingerale last time and it was awful... This time maybe Gatorade or something.  Just don't want to throw up....Doctor took out 3 polyps and could not get the 4th one at that time - now I have to do it again.... UGH<<<<<<<