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My neighbor across the street fell and cut her leg on Thursday.  Her son and GD took her to the hospital - she's 90+yrs old and the bleeding wouldn't stop.  Because they admitted her they gave her a Covid test.  When I talked to her earlier that day she said she was tired and achy, but otherwise she was well.  Anyways, she's coming home today and her two GDs who've had Covid will be staying with her and taking care of her.


I told them I was feeling fine.  (I grocery shop for her, but hadn't seen her since before Christmas as she had been staying over her GD's for the holiday; so they just wanted me to know and get tested if had symtoms.)  But, just in case I notified a guy who was over the house last week - he had supper with Eddy (my furbaby) and me.  My friends and I have just kept in touch by phone or fb.


I'm okay, Dan's okay and, of course, Eddy's okay.  But it's just unbelieveable how easily this thing can spread around!


Hoping my neighbor Del heals quickly.  She's going on 91 (this March) and has really bad asthma - that's why she was in the highly-susceptible group.  If you feel like a quick little prayer or positive thought for her, would be appreciated.






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Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers sent!

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@goldenlocks - I will pray for her. She is blessed to have a caring neighbor like you, and you and her family are doing everything right.


They are not leaving her alone, but in the care of two family members who have recovered from the virus. They are letting YOU know what is going on, and you in turn are notifying your friend what is going on.


 I hope she is able to come home soon. 




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Wishing her a quick recovery from both issues. Our neighbor died of it. He was in his 60's.

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Hope your neighbor does well and will be home soon.


It is scary how just a contact can give to you.  Every time I just yearn to enter a grocery, I have to tell myself not to foolish.

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Prayers for your neighbor. You're so kind to help her out. 

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That is very concerning ,especially at her age, pray all goes well for her.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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You are a very caring neighbor.


I had Covid and was hit moderately.  It is such an unpredictable virus as some with many preexisting conditions barely have symptoms while other younger and healthier people get very ill or even die.


I wish your neighbor a speedy recovery!

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@goldenlocks  Prayers for your neighbor. My father in law is 90 and had it. He has made a full recovery.

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It's amazing how some of the really elderly do ok, and then younger people with no "pre-existing conditions" die.  Here in Louisiana we just lost a 41 year old newly elected Congressman who was in perfect health.  He left behind a wife and two children, a baby and a pre-schooler.