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Re: Mother refused to give diabetic child meds

There are all kinds of Mothers.


Loving caring compassionate wonderful kind loving Mothers like mine and others who were blessed to have them.


Then there is the other kind cold calculating abusive who took great joy in reprimanding, spanking with open hand, punching, assaluting, choking, beating with objects, and tying to beds like Joan Crawford as portrayed as the Mother fgrom hell by her 1st 2 adopted children Crinstina and Christopher.


The second adopted children 2 girls from her second marriage were loved and cherished, and her will proves just how much she hated her first two adopted children Christina and Christopher and left them nothing whatsoever as opposed to the will leaving the second set of 2 adopted girls money and money to various charities.


She must have really hated her first set of adopted children and many witnessed those harsh unbelievable events of rage, violaence, alcholhlic abuse and everything else imaginable..


My hear crys for what Christina and Christopeher suffered after I heard and read their published book which outlines each and every abuse Joan Crawford comitted against them.



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Re: Mother refused to give diabetic child meds

@cherry wrote:

She also kept her condition a secret . The child died at age14, and was diagnosed at age 9 as diabetic.


SHe was charged with mansluaghter. I would have charged her with first degree murder, if I could


They say this child could have lived ,if her mother had medicated her. I doubt she watched the childs diet either

Heartbreaking! ..I can only imagine the pain that little girl experienced!!!! 

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