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Hi all! My hubby very reluctantly started Metformin at the beginning of the week. As predicted, he has a little tummy trouble, but nothing serious. The one thing that is bothering him is insomnia (which is NEVER a problem with him). 


Has anyone else had this issue with it? I'm sure once his body gets used to it, it will get better, but hearing from others helps. 


Thanks  :-)

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I had chronic diarhea with Metformin. Never went away so we d/c it. I have insommnia anyway. Tell him good luck from me

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Aks for slow release Metformin. The tummy probs disappear, and maybe the insomnia too. Not sure why the slow release is not the first choice of all doctors


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I've taken Metformin for over 20 years   I remember that I had tummy troubles at first, but that went away after a couple weeks.  I've always been an insomniac, so no difference there.  I hope your husband gets used to it.


I was started on Extended Release and took that for a couple years.  Then the pharmacy switched me to the regular formula because my insurance company stopped paying for ER.  Since my body did better on ER, I went to my doctor and got my prescription switched back to the ER formula (and my insurance now pays 100%).   Each time I swiched from one formula to the other, I had temporary tummy problems. 

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I have taken Metformin for about 4-5 years and have never had any stomach or bathroom issues.  I have sufferered from poor sleep for years due to menopause so I don't feel that the Metformin has caused an issue with my sleep.  


After he has been on the medicine for a while it may get better, as you stated.  He does need to inform the doctor of any side effects just to get them aware.

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I've taken Metformin for 13 years and never had any reaction to it. As time has gone on, I have had 3 other drugs added to my regimen to control my diabetes. Some of the combinations in the past have caused problems, but not the Metformin.

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@CritterKeeper  Have him contact his physician. He doesn't need to suffer! His physician can/will change his prescription to Metformin ER (extended release) which eliminates those problems. I had the same problems. The Metformin ER seldom gives me any similar issues . . . and after the regular Metformin, I can live with "seldom" because the medication works so well. 

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My doctor prescribed it.  I took it and had major problems with stiff joints.. painful.    So prescription to prescription I just looked at the bottle every mornging...and pretended to take it.  My condition got better and he never knew the difference.  This is all to say I just lost some weight and the Metformin was a prop to keep him happy.  Loved the look on his face whien I finally told him. 

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@wertz wrote:

Aks for slow release Metformin. The tummy probs disappear, and maybe the insomnia too. Not sure why the slow release is not the first choice of all doctors


@wertz , my husband was on extended release Metformin and the stomach trouble never went away.  He was on it for months.