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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

@Azcowgirl wrote:

I too eat small amounts, and pretty much one meal early in the day, then a little snack later ....something healthy like almonds and a bit of dark chocolate . I havnt gained weight, but I weigh every morning and keep a close eye on it.


Yep! The mixed nuts and dark chocolate are part of my diet, also. (I don't own a scale.)

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

I struggle also.  And lately, it's gotten worse!  I know I am not perfect in my eating --- who wants to be, really?  I want to be healthy but enjoy a few goodies here and there, too. For the most part I eat healthy things -- lots of fruits and vegetables.  But I now have what I call a "pooch" around my middle.  Not huge but I never had a stomach before and this really bugs me.  Everything has gotten soft and mushy.  Yuck.  Of course, I do blame it and rightly so, on poor health and not being able to vigorously exercise the way I used to and also a lot of meds I am on.  Take comfort in knowing that its a pretty common thing.  I don't believe in letting oneself go, but it sure is much more difficult. 

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

I’m 51
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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

I'm 53 and a few years ago (when it was knockin' on the door) I was advised to eat a very plant based diet to help with hot-flashes (it does help). I walk everyday and have started yoga to change things up and keep the cricks and creaks at bay.

The biggest takeaway for me has been to take care of myself -- my skin, hair, body, well-being, get my sleep (seven hours), eat nutriciously ( at least 70% of the time). I'm not sure if you've been having trouble sleeping, but make sure that you can get seven hours. Do deep breathing to help your brain shut off and your body relax.


Its another phase of life --- Celebrate it !!!!!   Nice to know you can go on vacation, or a date or big even and not have to worry or be dealing with knee-buckling mind numbing cramps !!  Oh Lord I think I overshared and may get the boot for this post !!!   

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

Try Andrew Lessman's Women's Wellness or Ulitimate Women's Wellness. His prices will be lower during his shows. Far as I know he will not be back until Oct. The UWW is $159 right now but during his shows it's usually $99.

I won't be without it.

The dreaded weight gain in the middle. I also hated it. Seems like all my weight just shifted to my stomach.

I walk about 4 miles 5-6 days per week plus exercise. I also have to watch what I eat.

Doctor's are no help that's for sure. I was told it's part of a woman's life to deal with it. I told my doctor back then ok I guess I will but it must be nice to be a man to come in to get that blue pill. He just looked at me. Yes they take care of the men but no help for women when it comes to menopause.

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

I am 52 and had awful sleepless nights and sweats, not to mention a slight attitude!  I exercise regularly and that didn't help until I went plant-based in January of this year.

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise

It's definitely about the food intake.  All of a sudden the weight just starting piling on.  Very frustrating.  Once i had enough of it, I got serious and practically starved it of to get to my desired weight.  Now I eat clean, and add the "fun" stuff in moderation.  Works for me. I'm not downplaying exercise, but I personally found it was all about my diet.

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Re: Menopausal weight gain question and advise



It's good to look at your diet and exercise at this point.  You might have to start cutting out some foods from your diet.  Eating them on occassion, but not all of the time.  Stuff like pasta, rice, bread, sugar - all can wreak havoc on your body as you enter menopause. 


I'm 55 and I exercise daily.  I eat a very clean diet (eggs/lean meats/lots of veggies and minimal fruit).  I do eat sweet potatoes, but I limit the amount (about 1/2 cup mashed).  And I do eat Ezekiel bread, but only 1/2 slice two to three times a week.  Too many carbs bloat the heck out of me now, so I had to learn how to eat them and when to eat them.  For me, I don't eat carbs at night.  Only during the day and usually at breakfast or lunch - not both.  It works for me and has kept me from gaining weight.