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My older and only sister is in hospital with meningitis several states away. She is in isolation. BIL doesn't seem to have much info and isn't allowed to be with her. She is a long flight away and DH is sick....very conflicted. Anyone here had any experience with meningitis? I am worried sick. She is 77 and also diabetic type II.

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@Trailrun23 @Depends on type of meningitis. Viral vs bacterial. Several types of bacterial  and can be very serious. Need to have more info from MD treating. Best of luck to ur sister and hope she does well.

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I know your concern is weighing on you. Your sister is in a safe place that is giving her the care she needs. Your BIL will need your support, but you can do that with texts and phone calls. It sounds like your husband needs you at home with him.

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@Trailrun23 prayers of peace and strength for your family.  I pray your Sister responds well to medication and treatment. Take good care of yourself.  

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My experience with meningitis is one at the professional level. I am a retired lab tech and I know how they collect specimens, test and confirm the infection. It can be highly contagious. Spreads by air droplets. 

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Best thing to do is stay put.   Sounds like your DH needs you too and sadly there is nothing you can do for her right now.   Do not spread yourself too thin, try to keep yourself healthy and rested as difficult as that may seem.  Sending you strength, courage and prayers. @Trailrun23 

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Call the facility she is at.  See if you can talk to one of the nurses caring for her.  

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Trailrun23 my best friends husband just got out of the hospital from bacterial meningitis. He was on a ventilator for 5 days but ended up at a city hospital after he came off the vent. Then he went to a rehab hospital. It was a month long . He s now home getting physical therapy, doing great! Hope your Sister a quick recovery. Hang in there!


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Sending prayers for the full recovery of your sister and for your husband. Take care of yourself, too.

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Sending good thoughts and healing wishes to your sister; prayers for all who love, and are concerned about her.  She is where she needs to be for specialized care.   Until your sister passes the critical stage of this infection, the daily updates you want to hear are; she's resting comfortably, her temperature has come down, her breathing is stable, her kidney function is good, she's responding well to medication, etc.  Coming out of isolation will be a comforting sign.

My dad had bacterial meningitis many years ago; he was unconscious when carried out of the house and was in the hospital about 2+ weeks, and recovered at home about that long as well.  Because of our exposure, mom, my brother and I had to take medication, but did not get sick.   

Your sister is receiving advanced care in comparison to what was available to my dad