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I am very excited to start using Marie's exercise bar.  However, yesterday I guess I did too many curls and my wrist is hurting today.  Tomorrow I will start with just 5 reps each and then hope to progress into more.

Anyone have any tips for me.Woman Happy

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When I got my Marie Osmond BodyGym it does seem too easy and you want to increase the tension faster. I did the way it came for about two weeks and then increased some of the exercises with more tension. You will really enjoy this as you can watch TV etc and won't even realize the exercises are done so quickly. I use mine almost every day and the new Wonder Core System with cords I bought a few weeks ago from HSN. The Wonder Core looks simple also but too much too soon isn't always the answer. My wrists get sore if I do too much and just back off the next time I use any exercise equipment.

Hope you have good results and love the results. Smiley Happy