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My horrible mold story:

When I was little, say about 10, 1970ish, my basement had mold growing out of the wall.  Not the kind of mold that is smooth against the wall, but the kind that grew out as mushroom-type shapes.  


It horrified me, but, yet, I was compeled to look at it, much as one is compelled to look at a car crash.  My dad would periodically clean it up, then it would grow back.  Finally, it just stopped growing and I grew up.


But I still think about occasionally.  It is like personal horror story.

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Yes, I do think it is very dangerous.  Sadly many people live with mold either not knowing it or they can not afford to do anything about it.  I wonder if home insurance  would cover removal? 

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The last place we lived in had black mold. My eyes were almost completely shut and just wanted to sleep all day. The second I went out somewhere, my eyes opened back up and I had lots of energy compared to be so sluggish before. In our new home babe renovated the whole thing and no mold Smiley Happy However his parents have mold in their house and the symptoms I used have come right back within a few minutesaminutesa of being there. 

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Re: MOLD - yay or nay

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Yes, I did have this occur, I could have written your first post here...  I was in a lease of a bad house.  I hired a company with the testing equipment.  The house area tested in the limits but the basement which should be no more than 1000 to 1200 tested 250,000.   We showed the report to the landlord and his realtor which we rented though and were able to get out.  Mold is bad.

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It's not a matter of belief if mold can make someone ill. It's a matter of science. 

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In some states, mold remediation is covered-Florida is one of them, but I don't know what provisos are in place.


If you are buying a house and securing a mortgage is dependent on the inspection, you would probably get a "no" from the lender.


Once again, call your county and see if they can help you weed through this.


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Asking if living in a home with excessive mold is harmful is like asking if living in a home with radon gas, asbestos, or cigarette smoking is harmful.


It is not a matter of opinion, here, it is a fact.


Mold can be toxic, and some people are more sensitive than others.

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No way I would knowingly live with the presence of mold in any structure in our home. Ones respiratory system is not the only health issues when it comes to mold. I don't concern myself with the spores in the air, which at best, can be lessened. Black mold behind the walls of any home?  Not me.




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@CareBears wrote:

@cbrite I have a heart/lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension which affects my breathing every day, so it is hard to say moving out of the home improved that aspect of my health, but knowing that my lung was already compromised I was not willing to further damage my health.


Unless I came in direct contact with mold (like touching) I would not have noticed any immediate difference, but the unknown to me was not worth it, especially when you start hearing about air borne mold spores, scary stuff!


And by the way, the landlord specifically told me to "Clean It Up" by using bleach and hot water and rubber gloves, now that was not going to happen!

Your landlord must have been a real gem!

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It can be very dangerous if you are susceptible.  I have a friend that worked in an office for 10+ years.  She was diagnosed with MS at some point she developed severe pnemonia.  The fluid in her lung were tested and it was caused by 2 diffrent types of mold spores.  At about the same time, her office was renovated and the walls were full of mold, the same type in her lungs.  They cant contribute the MSn  to that, or the brain lesions, but thats what they suspect