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I have a difficult time falling asleep and sleeping all night and do take melatonin once in a while.  Sometimes it works (i sleep all night) sometimes it does nothing but I "wake up" with a headache and sometimes I have vivid dreams.  I do not have nightmares - my dreams are crazy but never scary and it's intersting because it's the only time I remember dreams.  Now that the subject has come up I;m going to try melatonin again tonight as I have not slept past 1:30AM in the past 3 nights!

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@OutofMadison Please post if you have any affect tonight. I hope you don't. Sweet dreams!

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Side effect for me is dry eyes, and then sometimes drowsiness the next day.

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Start out 1mg at a time to see what works for you. I take 3mg, any more I get intense dreams. No side effects with 3. Everyone is different.

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Yes to some degree. I had very interactive dreams while on melatonin to the point that I would wake up more tired than when I went to bed. Also, it gave me terrible, horrible headaches to the point that I can no longer take it. 

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@hckynut wrote:



All I know is that it is suppose to be a sleep aid. I have never needed anything to get to sleep. Working Graveyard Shift? Needed a lot of coffee to keep me awake at times. Some of my co-workers took NoDoz, I just wasn't into the pill thing.


Dreams are strange things, but I have very few. And of those, most I can't remember much.




@hckynut    I am another "graveyard" retired........but I can still sleep "on command" 

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I've been taking a .5mg melatonin most every nigjt for several years now. No issues as described by others.

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As a last ditch effort when I can't go to sleep, I've been known to take Melatonin....and always regret it the next morning.  Sure, it helps me get to sleep but the horrific dreams I have are awful -- it's a wonder I don't have a heartattack in my sleep, not joking.  The last time I took it, I promised myself - never again !  I'd just rather stay awake all night...lesser of the 2 evils.

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Melatonin did nothing for me but my DH takes it on occassion and he is sometimes goggy in the morning.  I was taking 10 mg , DH takes 3 mg. 

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@sunshine45 wrote:

melatonin works well for me. i have problems falling asleep sometimes, but not staying asleep. i take 3mg of melatonin about an hour before i want to be asleep and it gives me that nice "falling asleep" feeling. i dont wake up groggy and get a nice 8 hours of solid sleep.


no terrible dreams or any other side effects other than sometimes a dry mouth. i always have a bottled water next to my bed.


i use it maybe twice a week, as needed.

@sunshine45 , I'm curious how you'll know that you  need it that night, an hour before you want to sleep. I don't know I'm having a bad night until after I've been in bed awake for an hour.

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