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Re: Low pressure affects your health

I'm another that gets horrible headaches from weather changes.  And they don't necessarily come on just as the weather actually changes.  Anywhere from 12-48 hours ahead of a weather front I can start with a headache.  So that means it can still be sunny and beautiful and I'm miserable.  I can also tell when the weather is going to clear up because the headache will start to subside.


We've had fronts coming through every couple of days for months now.  It's been rough!

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

Yes, exactly! I'm the same way! When it's sunny and beautiful and I feel miserable, I ask myself why, it's sunny and beautiful. But then I watch the weather and see that an unsettled pattern will be forthcoming. 


And it doesn't help that the pollen counts have been in the medium-high to very high categories. Ahhhh, spring!