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Low pressure affects your health

On an earlier topic today, the subject of low barometric pressure affecting allergies was discussed, but it deserves our close attention.  Low pressure makes aches and pains worse, causes sinuses to flair up, and gives fits to arthritis sufferers.


I was told that the low pressure "causes a disturbance in the force" that maintains our status quo. When the pressure is low trouble areas can swell (literally because the pressure is off) and cause increased discomfort.

The most pain and discomfort I have ever felt was when a rogue, very strong tropical storm passed directly over my area. I hurt everywhere and felt absolutely awful. I can't imagine how a strong hurricane would affect anyone with health problems.


Another culprit is the dry line that forms in New Mexico and Texas.  One side of the line is humid and the other is dry. As it moves across the area, it affects aches and pains as well. I remember my mother saying her arthritis was really hurting because the dry line was dancing back and forth across her house.  Even routine differences in humidity levels can cause problems.


Now that I am one of the old folks, I wish I had given more credit to weather and its impact on our daily health.



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Re: Low pressure affects your health

i have 2 types of arthritis....low barometric affects me greatly....thought it was just something i imagined...until my rheumatologist told me i wasn't crazy.......

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

Lately I’ve found myself telling anyone who’ll listen “ I’m 74 years old.  The body starts breaking down.


I think we are all lucky we live in a time we do.  I have vertebrae that are glued with cement, no thyroid. 2 fake knees and in a lot of pain.


But I do have enough sense to be grateful for walking upright above the ground.


I have arthritis really bad all over my body.  You can see it in my hands and fingers.


But I can still do necessary things that keeps my motor running.


Thats an easy call about how the weather affects the body.  My daughter is only 40 and has broken her knee and lots of other things.  Even she is affected by the weather.


Life is good.  I have something in my kitchen that says Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.


Kinda says it, right?


@On It  Thank you for a well written post.  😻

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

@On It  Yeah. Sometimes I complain about my arthritis, and my DH says "have you looked outside?" I now realize I'm a walking barometer. Also, when we lived in Germany, I had migraine type auras and found out it was due to the air pressure created between the Rhine and the mountains.

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

That is something I think contributes to sinus and balance issues in me.

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

Not only sinus but Migraine.  I can tell when a front is starting to move through.  Usually I'll catch the weather reports and act accordingly but once in a while... it gets through and I get the one sided, pounding,  vision altering,  stomach lurching fun Of a migraine.

Worst headache I ever had was a migraine/sinus combo. 'couldn't get away from the pain.

so, yup, Keep a weather eye out.

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

Yep happens to me too...whenever there is a storm coming and the barometric pressure starts fluctuating, here comes my headache. I have a co-worker who experiences the same thing and she always asks a headache today?? Girl how did you know!


Makes sense to me. Human body is 60% water, so guess some of us respond more sensitively to our own "high tide."

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

A couple years ago we were up in the mountains when an extreme drop in the barometric pressure occurred.


The room was spinning so fast that I couldn't get my head off the pillow without feeling nauseous.  It persisted all day Sunday.  Even that night, as I lay in bed at home, the room still spun.


Monday: my PCP checked some vital signs and gave me Valium.  It made me sleep most of the day. Tuesday was better but if I moved my head a certain way, the spinning and nausea started up again.


She said it was BPPV: Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo.   Later on one of my friends who suffers from it sent me a video of an exercise that stops it.  Inner ear crystals that somehow get out of place causes the condition: the exercise gets them back in.


Never had it again and to make sure I don't, I bookmarked the procedure !

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

This is a great topic! I suffer from the arthritis and sinus issues most days, but when the weather changes, particularly with low pressure, they really kick into high gear. I can always tell when the weather is going to change. 


I'm so glad that I am not alone in feeling this and that it is really is a thing!

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Re: Low pressure affects your health

My body gives me a more accurate weather forecast that the guy on TV does!