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I have Hashimoto's and low thyroid.  It took me 10 years, even with Hashi's and a goiter, for me to get a Dr. to give me extra thyroid.  I eventually had it removed and they found cancer in it (not detected in an ultrasound weeks before surgery).  


The Dr. I finally found who helped me through this journey also insists that I do not take a generic to Synthroid.  He says there's a difference.  However, he does not think grapefruit has an effect on the meds. 


There is a balance to getting to the right level on your meds.  I take one dose for 6 days and a higher dose 1 day.  This keeps my numbers at a level I feel good at and that he is confident will keep my cancer from recurring.  People with hypothyroid are at a much higher risk of thyroid cancer than those with hyperthyroid.  

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroid/Hashimotos in my mid-20s, it is an auto-immune disease,  the dr  said I had a virus and it attacked my thryoid.  I can go years with good thyroid levels, but I think when the drugstore gets a new generic supplier my levels go all whacky again (headache, tired, other symptoms)  I just went thru this again, had labs every month the last 4 months as they adjusted the dosage.   Her specialist should be able to explain more to her.   I started with a specialist/endocrinologist for years at first but now my family doctor manages it.    Then they will test her levels yearly, or if she starts feeling lousy again and adjust the dosage if needed. 

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

She keeps saying I want to feel 'normal' again...she is just wiped out.

She could also be iron deficient.

Many physicians don't ask for a vit D test because insurance doesn't want to pay for it.  I've always had to ask to have it done.  The first time I had it tested my health insurance company would not pay for it.  The test came back low.  Now when I have it done they will pay for it because it is considered a follow up.

It's not uncommon for us seniors to have low vit D and it wouldn't hurt to start taking a supplement.  I've found the liquid vit D or the one that is dissolvable under the tongue is best.  They don't give me the gas issues that the tablet will.

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She should wait until she sees the endocrinologist. There's no point in talking to people who can only upset her. Hypothyroid or low thyroid would be thyroid disease but that doesn't mean anything until they diagnose WHY.  

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Good that your friend will see an endo. some primary care doctors only test for TSH unless they are thorough or you request the full panel. i have to periodically nag my dr. to test for T3, T4, etc.


i would fall asleep anywhere or drink gallons of coffee to stay awake before i started on my medication. always felt freezing. could not take branded Synthroid (levothyroxine).   gave me headaches.  some Levo generics made me lose my hair. its wierd.  i still feel cold. i need a scarf on my neck in winter. 


  i've been on a very low dose (37.5 mcg) for 20 yrs. now may review my meds with my PCP next month. 




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Re: Low Thyroid

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I also have Hypo Thyroid gyno back in the day ran the correct tests which are not just TSH.  My antibodies tests were done and confirmed I have Hashimoto's which is autoimmune.  They say most with hypo have this kind but the doctor needs to run the labs to find out.


I can only take synthroid brand as I tried to switch to the generic which is so cheap and oh boy the horrible symptoms came on in about 10days or so.  By the 4 week mark I had such horrible brain I was on drugs!  As soon as I went back on the brand in about 2 to 3wks it started to clear up.  I make sure I get the brand and yep my insurance won't even cover it at all!  Oh well nothing I can do about that.  


From what I have been able to determine on this is that the generic source is from China.  Abbive makes Synthroid and it's active ingredient is NOT sourced from China.  I know I do not have reactions to the other inactive ingredients in either form as I take supplements that have these things in them also and have no issues.  So it must be the source of the active ingredient.  


I have my Primary Care manage mine as the Endo would have left me feeling still hypo as my TSH was in the magic range.  The range by the way was as high as 5 so until you went over that no increase.  Most doctors will leave you feeling still hypo with a TSH that high.  The OP's friend may need to see several doctors to get to a dose that actually relieves symptoms.  


I read as much as I could online to understand what I had been diagnosed with and much more.