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Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

I heard this on the radio this morning ( link to article below). 


I wish things weren't so loud everywhere, like movie theaters.  I don't go anymore but the last time I did I took a friends advice and wore ear plugs.  I think the upcoming generations are going to have some real problems with hearing loss. 


Here's an excerpt from the article:


"(Reuters Health) - People with long-term exposure to loud noise at work or in leisure activities may be at increased risk of heart disease, a U.S. study finds.

Researchers found the strongest link in working-age people with high-frequency hearing loss, which is typically the result of chronic noise exposure."


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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

We need much more on this subject prior to making the statement in the title of this thread.


The study was a retrospective, one place in time vice a long term comparative or better still a prospective study.


I worked with ENT researchers in the DoD studying the effects of  hearing loss in our military, while attempting to create the best treatment protocls and means to prevent hearing loss altogether.


Though our ENT researchers' focus was on treat and prevent, they all had a wide range of knowledge and are amassing an incredible amount of information.  It will be extremely interesting, once relased. 

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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

"Common Sense tells us, or should, that loud noise of any type, over a long period of time will decrease our ability to hear as well as BEFORE the LOUD NOISE"!


 No scientific updates of 'heart disease risks' but would venture to go all out and  VOICE that a very unexpected loud NOISE could cause someone having a serious heart problem, i.e, (heart attack previously) may do serious damage.

Otherwise, I have not heard about heart risks...just know of the hearing loss from loud music, bursting of balloons with children, close range of fire crackers-fireworks, et cetra -here again- hearing loss. 

I would think, come to believe, that the mil. surely would protect the artillery or ft on the GR 100%.


Personally, I am totally against loud noise being 'anywhere' close by, for anyone. No great studies to spend on something as simple as common sense. PERIOD!

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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

I would say this is correct after 42 years working in ICU and having the monitors beeping and alarming , the ventilators constantly alarming and all the other equipment that makes noises I do have significant hearing loss. I hope the heart disease part is incorrect. we never used to understand how all that noisy environment affected us.It isn't natiral for people to be constantly surrounded by so much noise. Plus we worked 12 hour shifts, so it was for extended periods of time. 

Now that I'm retired I really prefer to be home and quiet most of the time. we rarely have a tv or radio on during the day.

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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

I would think the results would indicate it's not the ACTUAL loud noise exposure, but the results of loud noise exposure.  


Higher amounts of inflammatory cortisol & the affects on the sympathetic nervous system FROM loud noise can be very detrimental on ones health. 

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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

I have to tell you I went to the movies last week, the first time in years.  The sound was so lound I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack.

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Re: Loud noise exposure linked to heart disease risk

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I don't know about heart problems, but I avoid noisy folks and kids.  All of that high- pitched screaming is a bit too much.  Whatever happened to applauding, or low-pitched yelling.  Like 'Yayyyyyyyyy', only medium to lower pitched.  Not those screams.  I'm reminded every morning on the audiences in the early morning news shows.  Too many jumping up and down high-pitched screams, for me, anyway. 

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