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Some of you may remember my post earlier in the late fall/early winter about "firing" my doctor because she had done tests over 7 weeks for an ovarian growth and had still not decided to connect me with a surgeon.  So I ended up going to a doctor at the best hospital in this region of the U.S. for this kind of thing.  I was operated on last week after having to have most of the testing redone because the results were too old.  Today I found out that I have "pre-cancer" and borderline tumors in 2 different places - something that surprised my surgeon.  Not only did she not think the labs would find anything (but operated in a timely manner anyway "just in case") but she said it was fairly rare to find both in one patient.  She said it was a good thing I had had the surgery when I did because this could have quickly progressed to more serious cancer.  I will be having a complete hysterectomy when I am healed enough from last week's surgery and the labs from what they take then will determine my final diagnosis and if I will need further treatment beyond surgery.  In the meantime, I pray a lot and try to learn as much as possible about supporting a strong immune system.


I'm so grateful to God for having moved me to drop my first doctor.  She had been saying that I didn't need surgery until it was convenient for me, that there was no rush, and that I could wait until the summer if it was easier as a teacher.  That was why she was in no hurry to connect me with a surgeon because the ovarian mass was "nothing."  Had I stayed with her, I might be looking at a much worse diagnosis and prognosis.

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Re: Listen to your gut!

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Praise God that you had the gut feeling something was not right and took necessary steps to take care of it.  I'm so glad for your outcome.  I'm also a teacher and try to arrange things during breaks or summer vacation but if I feel it may be something of a serious nature I take care of it immediately.  I wish you a rapid recovery and good health. Shame, shame, shame on your first doctor. I am blessed with a doctor who listens and follows through.   docsgirl

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I try to look forward and not dwell on things that happened in the past.  Last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer.  I think it could have been caught earlier.  My gut had been telling me to make a change a couple years ago, but I didn't.  Good advise and good luck with your surgery.  I had robotic surgery and it was as a breeze.

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You know, you are a very wise lady.  Most of us would be satisfied after hearing that we didn't need surgery, and go no further.  Who wants surgery?  Good for you for hanging in there and getting to the bottom of this issue.  Good luck on your recovery, and thanks for posting this as a reminder to the rest of us to listen to our gut.

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when you have your hysterectomy, allow yourself 3 days of pain (this is what I allowed myself).  You may have to eat foods that are easy on your digestive system for a few days.  Also, keep a nice sized pillow close by, especially if you will be riding in a car:  bumps will hurt.  Just press it in, you will be fine.


Keep moving and walking, if even just in the house.  Or, get to a mall and walk, walk, walk.  Driving may not be permitted for a short while to allow the stitches to heal.


All I can tell you is that I never felt better in my life as I did after the H.  Hope the same holds true for you too.


Good Luck !!!!

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I learned over 50 years ago to "listen to my body" 0ver those years I also learned to know what my body was saying to me. That is something everyone should do, and learn to understand.


I credit those abilities to saving my life, several times with different life threatening issues. Were I not listening and understanding, I would have died 14 years ago.




I am glad you listened and got to the right doctor. I wish you the best in recovering from your recent surgery and for the next one you will undergo.





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I'm a firm believer in going with your gut. It's never proven me wrong. Good luck to you.

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It's good you were able to get the proper medical help; now on to a speedy recovery.


I really feel second opinions are vital in many cases.  I may be in the minority but that is where my comfort level lies.