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Life changes on a dime

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got my first handicap parking placard today. Saw my doc for follow up on the miserable gastrointestinal infection I picked up in Thailand which is still present. But symptoms are improving on the new antibiotic he prescribed a few days ago. 🥳Then I was telling him how I had to use a cane during the entire three weeks there. Chronic, worsening knee pain from three replacements plus a fourth unrelated surgery; lots of scar tissue and residual pain that can't be remedied. I cannot walk more than a very short distance with sitting down or holding onto something. Need help stepping off curbs because of knee pain and can no longer do stairs. Balance has become a big issue also. I've had several near falls lately. Frequently stumbling, losing my footing. Getting lightheaded (meds). So doc hears this and tells me I absolutely need the handicap sign. I need to use my cane despite how embarrassing it is. Im really tempting fate to stay in denial. So in my determination to age gracefully, I'll proudly utilize all resources available to me. 
My cane is a pretty purple and blue floral pattern. Might even get another 😉 Anything to prevent a fall!

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Ancient Chinese Proverb:


It's better to have cane and not need it than to fall because of no cane in your hand.


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@fairydogmother  So sorry for all you are going through. please don't be embarrassed by a cane, consider it a better quality of life by utilizing it to avoid a fall.  When life throws us lemons, make lemonade.  Prayers for a recovery.

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I'm glad the antibiotics are helping some! What an awful grueling month!

I wanted to ask you how you were doing.

Think of yourself as a very classy Poirot or something with the purple flowered cane!

There are so many pretty and neat canes out there. 

I hope your knee feels better.

Maybe a knee brace when you have to walk?

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@fairydogmother: Sending you buckets of energy for the tough moments,
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Re: Life changes on a dime

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@fairydogmother Yes, life can change on a dime for sure but there is always hope for days ahead. I'm sorry for all you are going through. I hope and pray that soon things will start looking up for you. The cane is necessary it sounds it might as well be "fashionable"!

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Don't be embarrassed by your cane, whatever helps! plus you have a trendy one!

Hope you feel better soon! | Get well cards, Get well messages, Get well  soon messages


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@fairydogmother ... Oh my gosh! I'm glad to read you got a handicap parking placard !! ...and if anyone takes your space you can hit him over the head with your pretty flowered cane!!! 😊


You've been ill way too long but the new antibiotic the doctor gave you is working! That's good to hear!


l know I don't really know you very well but l felt so sad for you when you said you returned from seeing your daughter in Thailand and got so sick!! 😞 


Please don't be embarrassed about using a cane... especially when yours is so pretty!! You don't want to take the chance of falling especially since your knee hurts so badly. Aww... l feel for you. 2024 has been difficult for you but I'm hopeful it will get better a little each day. Take care❣️🌷

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So sorry to read that you got ill from your recent trip!  And all of your chronic issues that you are currently dealing with must be very taxing.  I have a lot of empathy for you.  I have been fighting the acceptance of a lot of long-time chronic issues and the idea that yes -- I truly am a senior citizen and beyond!  I recently got a placard also.  I never thought this would happen to me.  I try not to use it unless I am having a really bad day and absolutely must.  I think with regard to your cane, better to have that extra security.   

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@fairydogmother   Re the cane  I hurt my foot over 3 years ago.  Took awhile to be able to walk.  Started using a cane.  I love it!  The streets here in Chicago are so uneven the cane gives me a sense of security.  Plus people defer to me and I use the front seats in buses for seniors and disabled!!


I am not embarrassed by using a cane at all. Even though I really don't need it, I'm grateful I am able to walk and I'm 74.


Good luck to you and hope you completely recover.