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Agree, @sidsmom.  "The obvious" - if I read you right.  One thing leads to another, and another . . .  There is an abundance of inspiration out there.

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@tends2dogs wrote:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer.  I will look into each and every suggestion.  I hope more will share here and as I go through this I will report back. 


This is a common problem that doesn't seem to have a stock answer, unlike, Viagara.  If this was a male problem,  I feel there would be a safe solution.  In the long run it really is a man's problem LOL.  I also realize that Viagara has it pitfalls......


Thanks again....


tends2dogs, you're most welcome and thanks for sharing how you are going to go forward. -- I agree with you that there's not a single stock answer but a number of interesting possibilities to search through. In my own case, I was seriously suffering for four months trying various options before my body said "yes, this option works really well for me". I think researching out our suggestions (and others' suggestions) is an excellent idea. It's also important to take note of any other changes you experience while you are experimenting with various options because side effects may well be a result of a new treatment. 


About viagra... lol, it's just a heart medication that gave guys a pick me up. Their good luck to stumble across it. 


I look forward to hearing how your research and progress goes. Best of luck!! 


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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There is almost nothing in the human body that can't be improved at least some, by adopting a focused anti-inflammatory eating plan.

The fewer chemicals-additives-processed foods going in, the fewer the age related complaints.

Many of the good suggestions here are even BETTER when eating mostly fruits/veggies well planned protein.