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@I am still oxox  I was diagnosed with Mitro Valve Prolapse in my late 40's. My symtoms some palpatations. My Primary gave me a cardiogram. Back then he put me on a heart monitor for 24 hrs. at home. I also got an Echo Cardiogram. I was told all was fine & it was more common then I thought. I have one once a yr. Please try not to worry. Very rarely is surgery needed.

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Re: Leaky heart Valve

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@Growing wrote:

Which heart valve? Much of what you need to do depends on which heart valve and how it is affecting you.


I had a mitral valve prolapse repair in 2017. I waited around, trying to ignore the looming problem until that valve tore. I was in a lot of pain, chest hurt, couldn't sleep for the chest pain. I got in line for heart valve repair surgery and it was tough but it saved my life and now my value is doing great. The mitral valve can sometimes be repaired with a little donut thing they sew onto the valve and the valve eventually grows around it and they are one. 


Don't ignore this, don't be like me who waited until I had a huge problem to take it seriously. 





Glad to see everything worked out for you. I understand valve repair and/or replacement. My best 75+ year friend had his Aortic Valve replaced a few years ago. He also suffered from Afib, which added to his issues. He has since had a Watchman Device inserted. This has allowed him to no longer take blood thinners.


The author, @I am still oxox, of this thread didn't mention being in pain or any symptoms that you experienced. Like many others, she found out about her valve leak, after the Echocardiogram.


I will stick with my response in my 1st post in this thread. Your valve issues were symptomatic, most others in this thread were similar to mine. 


Continued good heart health to you,


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