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I miss her too, I hope she is ok and busy having a blast.

I don't think she has done anything do be banned.

She always had entertaining, interesting posts.

@Laura14, we hope to see you back soon.

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Wow, I did not expect to see this. I really wish I could hug all of you, especially @dex  for even thinking of me enough to start it.    Heart  I'm a lot in shock.  


I'm not comfortable opening up about my past few months but I will say no one banned me.  I'm not sure what I would have done to deserve that. 


And I have some really good things going now which I am focused on today.  


Thanks to a lot of you encouraging me, I submitted some of my writing for the first time ever and had a major worldwide publisher ask to see more.  They loved it and think it has potential for publication. I am really proud of that no matter if it becomes an actual book or not.  


I also started my own public Facebook page to post pretty much what I want and when I want about the things in my life.  I really like that.   


And @World Traveler   I got ChocoNuvo!!  I finally took the plunge and ordered the 91%.  You were right.    


I truly want to say thank you and back at ya with the same love and kindness shown to me here today and always.  Heart  You are the best people and we need more of you in the place!  Smiley Happy   





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@Laura14  YAAAAAY!!!! You are BACK!  Heart


And you got the 91%? And you like it? YES!!! Should I be a "told you so"? Smiley LOL Must admit 91% is a bit strong for the 74%.


Thanks so much for getting back to all of us and I am very excited about your writing adventures. Good luck in all your future endeavors in that area. That certainly is an area I wish I had time to pursue.


Don't be a stranger now, you hear? Heart

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@Laura14 : Wonderful to see your post and looking forward to many more. Great exciting news. Southern Bee 

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@Laura14   Don't you dare ever do this to us again!!!  You had a lot people worried including me.  Happy to see you backSmiley Happy

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@Laura14:  I am so glad to see your post and know that you have been hard at work with things that you are passionate about.  I hope all the things you worked for come to fruition for you. Thanks for the update and keep us posted along the way.  

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So happy to hear from you @Laura14! Glad to read that you are keeping busy and enjoying your life.


Great news about the book. Keep us posted!Woman Happy

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The very one and only, talented YOU!

Very impressive how much mocksey you have starting your own writing “thing!”

And...I thought so! Your talent just shines through on your posts!

Can’t wait to read your published works!

Please take care/be well/ and have fun!💗

~Have a Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit~
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@Laura14 sounds like you have been busy.I always knew you were a gifted writer and I hope that you will get something published.You will have to let us know.

i am so happy that you found a little time to post here and as you can see we have all been missing you,..Hope that you will stay in touch when you have time.

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@Laura14   Glad to know that you are okay and are working on a creative endevour.  Good luck with your writing and keep it up.