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Kudos to Vitacost!

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I have all of our Vitacost supplements on Set & Save A/D orders (several products within each order) - 45 day, 60 day, 90 day, 120 day shipping schedules.  Yes, I could double up the 45's and 60's, but this way works for us.  All four A/D orders were scheduled to ship on the same day this month, which is today.  By doing the A/D's there's a 10% savings to begin with.  Last night I received an email with a discount code.  By finagling my A/D's to make them all one big order, just this time, I was able to save another 15% off everything, which was substantial.  It's a little bit of work for me to recreate the separate A/D's, but I'm not complaining.  That discount was worth it. 

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I've ordered from this site, too. Really like it!!

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I like Vitacost a lot, too.  Vitacost always gets high marks in the tests that I've read about.  The testing on Vitacost shows that their vitamins do contain what they say they do.  I've read that some vitamins aren't what they say they are.



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I buy tea on Vitacost, but my supplements on Puritans Pride and Swanson, iI  seem to get much better deals there.

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I just received a big order today from Vitacost. They ship out fast, usually two days. They always have BOGOS, coupons, etc. Love their service!

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Love Vitacost.  I've suggested it many times here.

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Love Vitacost, iHerb, Amazon, & Ebay, among other great places. 8)

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Ijust placed a order this morning, i like them,i use alba botanical body wash, they have a sale on right now,plus mr.rebates.

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A lot of their items are waaaaaay cheaper than Whole Foods.  I am using them more and more for melatonin and other supplements.