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Question for anyone familiar with keto .....   what can you eat for dessert?

There are a ton of dessert recipes out there for keto.  Personally, I'd rather stay away from them as most have a lot of calories and eating something sweet just makes me want something salty.  I have been sugar free since May (which is hard with a husband who loves to bake and always has sweets in the house), but I only have fleeting cravings for sweets now.  If I really want something sweet after dinner, I just have a few strawberries.  And those strawberries taste extra delicious now Smiley Happy

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Atkins makes a number of sweet treats that are good for dessert. The nutty fudge brownie is very good. And the peanut butter cups.  If you want something more natural, chocolate coconut chia pudding is also very tasty.  Sweetened with stevia to your desired sweetness

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After years of eating sugar free desserts sweetened with artificial sweetners, I finally realized that they make me crave sweets all the more. When I stopped them, I stopped wanting desserts. Something about how the body reacts to them chemically which makes a person crave sweets all the more.



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Some of you already are familiar with Josh Axe.  I recently bought his book, Keto Diet.  In reading his approach, I liked his emphasis on organic foods as opposed to the bacon-heavy approach of some others, including plenty of lettuce and vegetables, and that keto can be cycled into and out of.  It's not meant to be a forever plan, as I understand it.  I don't eat fast foods so this was perfect for me.

He also points out that a person could follow a vegan keto protocol, if desired.


Keto Diet, Josh Axe:

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