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Just told I need a hysterectomy....

Learned this week that I need a complete hysterectomy... I'm almost 49 & have had pelvic pain and tests show I have uterine fibroids (uterus @ 8-10 wk pregnancy size doc said) but more concerning are cysts with 'debris' on both ovaries. I'm a candidate for laparoscopy surgery depending on the outcome of the CA-125 blood test I took... if not ok, they have to open me up-- but what's "ok"? I'm nervous it might be ovarian cancer.. also dreading the endometrial biopsy which I've read 'can't be tolerated' by some (an in-office procedure following medication taken 4-6 hrs prior). It is what it is and I have to get through this... I'm just looking for any input or similar stories to know what to expect. (No family history of gynecological cancers, no hysterectomies etc)