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Re: Just got my blood work back...

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Re: Just got my blood work back...

IMO physicians should work with pharmacits to provide the best course of action. It isn't done very much. I do talk to my pharmacist when I have a question about medications.

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Re: Just got my blood work back...

@DrakesMomma wrote:

I've found this post troublesome since I first read it yesterday.  


My primary care doc did blood work last month.  My total cholesterol is 146.  My doc said she hasn't seen a level this low for someone my age (almost 50) without medicine.  She's been my doc for about 8 years.  My chol level has been 143 to 146 over this time.  My Chol/LDL ratio is 2.8.  Meaning I am at a very low risk for heart disease.  She likes her patients to be around 5.  Low side of a normal ratio is 3.7.


When I told my brother (only because he asked) I told him.  He had to start bragging that his is 140.  He is only 13 years older than me.  He also takes metformin.  What and how we eat is completely different.  He eats lots of red meats and lots of fried food.  I have chicken or fish and lots of fruits and vegatables.  He has had several heart attacks, several strokes, and on dialysis three times a week.  If his chol level is 140 it surely isn't because of what and how he eats.    

I believe you are correct - I think ones tendancy toward  whether or not you may have a heart attack or stroke is more genetic than dietary. In fact I read somewhere that your cholesterol is only 15% affected by your diet. However, I would certainly think that it's ridiculous for Walgreens to be calling me on the phone saying I need to start on a statin drug because I am taking metformin, and that is the newest standard this year. Geez - my cholesterol would go way too low if it's only 107 now.

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Re: Just got my blood work back...

Genetic factors play such a very small role with heart disease.


And even if someone does have those conditions at birth,

our nutrition & lifestyle throughout life can trigger even

the most quiet & benign set of genetic makeup.


We have a choice to trigger those conditions. 

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Re: Just got my blood work back...

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In terms of genetics, fat processing and distribution is absolutely in your genes.  The APOE gene is one.  You can have a 2, 3, or 4 copy of it; one from each parent.  The different numbers are the evolution copy of the gene you have.  


4 is a throwback meaning you don't process nor get rid of fat well.  Very high risk for cardiovascular disease and ultimately known as the Alzheimer's gene.  About 25% of people have at least 1 copy.


3 is neutral meaning you can swing yourself either way with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle routine.  Most people fall into this category.


2 is the newest version and not very common but this is the person who can eat a Big Mac every day and have super low cholesterol.  You're protected a bit from cardiovascular disease because your body processes and cleans out fat extremely well.