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Can anyone share their experience with Jenny Craig?  I stopped by their store today to inquire about the program.  It seems to be very expensive with food, membership, & monthly dues.  I am also contemplating Nutri-System.

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And after spending all that money, what happens when you start eating regular food....been there....done that.....carlories in/calories out.......that's what worked best for me.....

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I have experience with Jenny Craig.  The food was pretty good, but it is an expensive program.  If the cost isn't a problem and you're looking for a program that provides food, it's a good program.  My mother did Nutri System and hated the food.  I think the best program out there is weight watchers.

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@GCR18I agree WW is the best -  not necessarily thinking of just the current program since I've never used it, but overall in my long history of trying to lose and maintain weight, I've tried doctors and all kinds of other programs. 


I like WW best of all because it's all real food, so for me it was the best path not only to losing weight but I maintained best with it.  Nothing's pefect -  the percentage of people who maintain every pound they lose is miniscule, but WW worked best for me.  I still use some of my WW-developed habits every day even when the whole day isn't totally restrained.

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I'd used the program on and off years ago.  I lost weight on it but would get tired of the food.  Back then, they had a daily menu that you had to follow and write everything down.


Supposedly, since I first started way back in the 80s, I was supposed to never have to pay any start up fee again but somewhere along the line, they changed the rules.


Foods that you really liked, seemed disappear from the plan.  The frozen foods tasted the best but were also the most expensive.


@HULAGIRL or @HULAGIRL went and was very successful.  She became a counselor.  Perhaps she will see this and help you.

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We had a poster who successfully lost weight at Jenny Craig and posted periodic reports.  You might try a search.


I agree, WW has the best program for llong-term success.

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I posted this on another thread not too long ago so please forgive me for repeating myself, but....


take it from me ~ continue eating what you love, only eat less of it.  For instance, I have a weakness for fried food.  Instead of getting a Big Mac & large fries I get a small hamburger & small fries.  Also, move move move!  Be as active as you can be.  I used to be very inactive and ate nothing but junk.  I got tired of not wanting to go anywhere with my husband because I didn't have anything nice to wear.  I ate less (of what I love) and started walking on my treadmill.  To this day I walk 30 minutes a day (whether I want to or not).  I started walking 20 minutes a day, then 30, 40, and so on.  When I reached my goal I started walking 30 minutes a day for maintenance.  I used to be a size 16/18 and now wear a 6/8.  You have to make small changes you can live with ~ you also have to change your lifestyle as far as activity is concerned.  I don't mean to preach, really I don't.  I do wish you all the best ~ believe in yourself and keep moving forward.  You can do this!!!  :-) 

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@nana59 wrote:

And after spending all that money, what happens when you start eating regular food....been there....done that.....carlories in/calories out.......that's what worked best for me.....

You're absolutely correct. It's amazing that some people just don't get it. It's SO obvious.

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I did JC back in the 90's I think and lost the 20 pounds I wanted. The food was fine and the program easy to follow and yes it was pricy even back then. I think I got the sign up  for free and don't remember about the monthly dues. Don't know about it today however. And I tried a mini version of Nutrisystem several years ago and the food was so gross I threw it out. Was terrible. I was thinking of going back to JC to see what the plan is as I have 20 pounds hanging around my middle now---again--- sheesh!!!!

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I do think that most people know you have to take in less calories.  And I think if anyone looks at any of these programs, regardless of what program it is or your method of losing, it comes down to how many calories you are eating.


But some people need to get to those lower calories by doing NutriSystem or Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or SouthBeach or using an on-line program such as Calorie King or My Fitness Pal. 


to answer the OP's question, I tried the program back int he 90s sometime.  I found it terribly expensive especially given that I had to buy those meals, plus fruits, veggies, etc. plus food for DH to eat.  And I just can't eat a steady diet of those boxed, frozen or heat up foods.  Now I can't eat them at all.