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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

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This reminds me of one of my rare visits to an MD.  The whole time he spent typing on a computer while standing.  Multitasking I'm sure as he probably would have had to  fill out the forms after I left.  I felt like byproduct...rarely glanced at me....main priority those forms!  


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My PCP has been easing into retirement the last 2 yrs.


He's been quite vocal about the increasing demands on record keeping and issues with insurance carriers. He quit accepting ins several yrs ago. You pay up front and now wait for reimbursements. Just like he did.




@phoenixbrd. That’s what they’re required to do. Many have an assistant who does all the computer typing as the Doctor deals with the patient.

@Snowpuppy  You mention it was one of your "rare" visits to the doctor.  Things may have changed drastically from that day and the last time you had been seen.  It is very rare to find a doctor that keeps handwritten medical records now.  Industry standard is electronic medical records.  When a person is seen for the first time since the paper records were transfered to electronic records, there will be extra information needed. 


For normal appointments, a medical assistant usually comes in to get the basic taken care of, like bp, pulse, weight, any changes in medication, and why you are there.  The assistant enters that into your electronic medical records, and the doctor comes in for the exam.  The first time is always worse because of missing information.  After that, it should go back to normal, meaning only your exam notes are entered.  Computers and iPads are now part of most exam rooms.  You still should have been examined and it should never effect your quality of care.  

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

I've had a Dr and a DDS retire.I was so upset. It is hard to find another, if you are satisfied.  Eventually ,we replaced both, with people we just love. I am just as happy, as I used to be. We have great health care

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

I joined an HMO so I have to select a new doctor.  Hopefully, he or she won't be retiring soon.

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

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My PCP, who is about 69-70, has been scaling back for the past few years.  When I started with her in 2005ish she worked 6 days a week for most of the year.  Nowadays, she closes every Friday and works every other Saturday for 7 or 8 months of the year.  In the summer, she just works Tue/Wed/Thu.  Further, she takes several vacations throughout the year now.  


I worked at a place in the 90s for eight years.  They must have changed insurance carriers 3-4 times during that period, so I had to change PCPs a lot.  When I started the job I have now in 1999, I was able to keep the same insurance carrier.  I kept them because I didn't want to change PCPs again.  I changed in 2001 because the one I had before I refer to as Dr. Evil B**ch.  I plan on retiring in 2021; will keep the same insurance until Medicare age in 2022, but I realize that I will probably have to change before then and maybe again afterward.  


C'est la vie!


Edited to add my dentist retired a few years ago.  He sold his practice to a larger, more modern one and worked a decreasing number of days for a few years until he finally quit 2-3 years ago.  The new guys aren't exactly youngsters, but this practice is a lot more "corporate" for lack of a better word.  Good dentists, however but the "homey-ness" is gone.  


Have lost a few doctors due to insurance issues including my favorite PCP of all time, the one I went to in 2001.  She referred me to my current doctor.  


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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

I outlived my dentist and now his son has retired.  Doctors come and go in my life but that one hurts.

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

i had an eye doctor die this year from luicemea but there are other doctors in the office and like a week after my mom died suddenly i got a phone call from my nerologist office telling me they had to cancel an appointment i have next summer and then they told me my doctor had a massive haert attack and died suddenly. i as shocked to say the least. i do have an ms specialist though. but good luck finding new doctors.  i know it sucks when your really use to and like your doctor and then have to find someone new.

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

The group we went to had only one PCP and 2 or 3 PAs. I always saw the female PA. Well, she is retiring in March and that whole building is now pediatric medicine only. I did find a new PCP in the area and have already had my new patient visit with her ( was surprised at how much time she spent with me). I have my yearly booked with her next month. I think we will get along fine. We live in a rural area and it’s hard to find docs who want to practice in a rural setting. Now, if DH would find someone, I would be happy.

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

My OB/GYN retired a couple of years ago.  I had been seeing him since I was 17.  So - about 43 years.  One visit with one of his partners was absolutely a nighmare.  Last two years saw a second different doctor in the practice and he is a keeper.  Last visit I asked "you are not going to decide you want to live on a houseboat in Europe or climb a mountain somewhere far away are you?"  He thought I was hilarious - my husband is not such a great audience anymore.  My periodontist of 16 years retired this past December, I cried when he told me in October in his office.  I am not a crier.  My dentist retired about four years ago very suddenly - never replaced.  Told the periodontist he would have to study up as I'm finished letting new people torture me with their dentistry and now he's gone.  It IS a struggle.

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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

Some insurance carriers will only do direct pay to the provider. I would not like having to pay up front and then hope I would be reimbursed what I paid and in a timely manner.
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Re: Is your doctor retiring?

I can see I am not alone....I guess how easy it is to replace a dr depends on each person’s health conditions. i am now seeing a nurse practitioner since my PCP left and I love her! Was skeptical at first but PCP doesn’t seem to do much anyway now...except refer you to specialists for almost everything.