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Thanks one and all for answering my question.  I had what my mom called measels so many times and I have never been sure if one of those was chicken pox.  I was a sickly kid.


Hopefully a new doc can confirm and let me know if I need the shot.


It's good to know this may be covered by insurance.

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I had quite a bit of exposure to chicken pox as a young child and then later in my job as a new teacher (taught kdg.).  I never got it.  I'm retired now and my doctor wants me to get a shingles shot.  I've explained that I think I have an immunity to it, but he didn't seem interested in sending me for the test.  I refuse to get the shingles shot.  I guess I have to find a doctor who will send me for the blood test.

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Shingles vax is recommended regardless of whether you've had chickenpox or not. 

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To be safe I would get the Shingles vaccine for sure, regardless of your history with Chicken Pox.   My hubby had Shingles and believe me, it was just awful.  I had never had Chicken Pox and had 2 siblings that did.  However when I was 26 years old my daughter was in kindergarten and she brought it home to her 3 year old brother and me!   Luckily we didn't have it too bad, we got through it together. 


Not worth the risk, IMO.

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@LizzieInSRQ wrote:

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@Jackhound Mom wrote:

Can a test show if somone has had Chicken Pocks?  

I do not want to get a Shingles shot if I didn't have this.


Past test showed I had not had MMR so I got that one.  Expensive and not covered by my insurance.


Is the Shingles shot covered by any insurance?  I do not have a doctor yet.


Thank you in advance for your answers.

You would remember if you had Measles or Chicken Pox.

Not if you were a toddler or younger. 

Or you had a super mild case.  My mother swore she never had chicken pox as a child but later in life she had shingles so she had to have had chicken pox.

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One way of looking at this is if you've had chickenpox before, and now that you're older, then a shingles vax would be like getting a booster shot to restart your aging immune system which is not what it use to be when you first got chickenpox as a kid.

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I've had chicken pox as a child (with scars) and in my 30s I contracted shingles.

I have not opted for the vaccine at this time

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Re: Is There A test?

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I had raging chicken pox all over as a small child and then very bad shingles just two years ago.  Apparently there is no "immunity" from shingles until you've been vaccinated, that is, only the immunity from chicken pox that comes from now-available vaccines, from which, if someone around you has exposure to chicken pox, it is possible to get shingles.  I suppose it happens through other means (some say stress), but the point is you will always be vulnerable to shingles if you've had chicken pox unless you get the vaccine.  Even then you may get them.


The way I see it, chicken pox is the vector and avoiding that is the first line of prevention.  There was no vaccine when I was growing up, and there are people reluctant to get them now.  No chicken pox, no shingles.


I opted to get the shingles vaccine.  My aunt nearly went blind from it and it is miserable.  Nothing to play around with.



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Yess, you can get a chicken pox (varicella) titer test that will determine immunity, either from having had chicken pox or from having had the vaccine.  The Shingles vaccine is covered by the vast majority of health insurers. I they cover it if you are 50 or older.  If you have Medicare, Shingrix is covered by Part D of Medicare.    

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My sister, as an adult, was tested for chickenpox and given the vaccine.  As a child she didn't get it and this was before the shingles vaccine was invented.


Another sister and I had it together and I got again with my kids.  Surprised the doctor.


Regardless, the vaccine is recommended.