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Re: Intestinal gurgling

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When I was getting my teeth cleaned recently,  the hygentist commented I must be hungry as my stomach was gurgling away.....I was not hungry at all. My stomach or intestines just gurgle really loud. Always has. 


To think  that this is a serious issue I find humorous Smiley Happy

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@HappyDaze wrote:

you are just bound and determined to insist you have something seriously wrong, aren't you? Get a second and third opinion from other doctors if you don't trust your doctor. You need to be asking your DOCTORS these questions, not anonymous posters on an internet forum. No one on the forums can diagnose you and even if they could, you probably wouldn't believe them anyway unless it was serious.

LOL!  Brutal, but you are right. 

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I think the OP needs to talk with a diabetic who is dealing with gastroparesis, and maybe she will realize that intestinal gurgling is far from being a bad thing!   

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I believe that diet can often be responsble for the gurgling.  I have found that some artifcial sweeteners will cause my stomach to gurgle.   Also, I have more gurgling "action" when I have more fiber foods.... less fiber foods, less gurgling.


But if y ou feel your doctor hasn't been listening and you're truly worried, please get a second opinion.  Woman Happy

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