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Re: Injured friend annot stand or walk - Need tips during healing process

On 11/21/2014 happy housewife said:
On 11/21/2014 Yahooey said:
On 11/21/2014 happy housewife said:
On 11/20/2014 Yahooey said:

She has a cousin that is helping on the lawyer front. I will pass along the info regarding chronic pain. I'm sure her doctors are discussing scenarios with her.

When I initially posted, she was in the hospital for 1 week (no PT was done) and transferred to the center and began PT after an initial evaluation. Tomorrow Friday, she would have been at the center one week.When I saw her last Saturday, she needed help to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. She needed to lean or hold onto something in doing so. Although she was NOT lifted physically, I do not call that standing or walking. It was lean, pivot and holding on so she doesn't plop down.

Since I'm not well versed in the jargon in these types of situations, perhaps that is considered standing and walking. In my mind, a pivot is not standing and taking a step into a wheelchair is not walking.

As stated yesterday morning, she went to a rollator. So she is taking steps and improving. Thank you for sending good thoughts

And now the story changes - odd how that happens.

The story never changed and perhaps you need help in reading comprehension. And again you don't need to chime in with your dark cloud. You don't believe fine - SHOO. I guess negative attention is still attention. Suppose that is what you need to make your day. Enjoy.

From "she can not stand or walk' to she can stand with assistance and pivot is a HUGE change. Exaggerated for drama.

Not exaggeration, just a week's normal healing has occurred. Your body will heal, it just take it own sweet time doing it. Been there, done that! What a difference even a day can make. And you don't know that from working in ICU?

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Re: Injured friend annot stand or walk - Need tips during healing process

OP, I knew a big tough cop who was in an accident in a big ol' Mercedes. This was over 27 years ago. Not one broken bone, but he had soft tissue damage ALL OVER HIS BODY. The pain, the immobility. Poor guy was in for a long recovery. I remember that the Mercedes people (manufacturer) asked to take pictures of the car and interview him, because the car was so protective of him in such a severe accident, and they were proud that their car held up. Still, the sudden jolt of the impact cause all those tiny connective tissues to tear. I hate to even think about it. We saw him six weeks after the accident, and he was thankful he could barely take a few steps and sit up. Again, my best to your friend. - Bird

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Re: Injured friend annot stand or walk - Need tips during healing process

On 11/20/2014 happy housewife said:
On 11/20/2014 CouponQueen said:

She has nothing broken...has been in a rehab place for two weeks..and has soft tissue injury only and cannot move or walk?

What is the dx? I find this so very odd??

I agree with HH if she isn't malingering then what is the deal her? What is her pain from..why can't she walk etc?????

Soft tissue is muscle tendon ligiments etc..and she can't walk?

My point was simply how on earth can someone who actually not stand or walk function at home? Even in a wheelchair you have to be able to stand up to go from toilet to chair and bed to chair , shower seat to chair etc.

I had ankle reconstruction and was non weight bearing for 5 months while it healed so I was in a wheelchair - I had to stand and pivot on my other leg many times a day in and out of that chair just to get by, plus to get in to the bathroom the chair did not fit so I had to get up with the walker and hop in to the toilet and shower chair.

I suspect the OP greatly exaggerated the injury for drama.

I suspect you are one very unhappy person. You can deny it all you want, but no one, I repeat, no one chronically and consistently criticizes, accuses, and sours every single well-meaning thread unless they are truly unhappy.

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Re: Injured friend annot stand or walk - Need tips during healing process


You have such a wonderful heart to find ways in which to help your friend and her family and your kind gesture shows that you truly know the meaning of friendship.

I pray that she's feeling better and that she gets stronger with each passing day.

In regards to Happy Housewife and Coupon Queen... they are heinous trolls who posses dark and evil souls and are not worth taking the time to respond to. Ignore them.


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